Is 2 Chainz worth an argument?

So I got into a heated twitter war with @OMG_its_Justin because he didn't like my assessment that Toty Boi aka 2 Chainz sucks. Actually the homie @8plus9 asked me if I had heard the Tru Religion mix tape. Here is what I said:

yo son is one of the worst rappers ever...been that way since he was tity boi-so dont tell me son is hot you trendy bastard

I was then told that I have no opinion since I haven't listened to this mix tape. I'll tell you what I have heard, the single "Spend It" which has a catchy beat and hook, but the verses are absolutely atrocious and I've heard Flight 360- that Playaz Circle album from a couple of years back and that joint was horrible. Then I never thought there would be a wacker rap name than Tity boi but he somehow managed to find it.
I don't care how many labels this dude tries to put on he cannot conceal his wackness. I just listened to a Breakfast Club interview he did and was appalled to hear CthaGod cosigning this guy but then again, they are all industry folk. But he doesn't even know how to count

Now a lot of guys today are getting by on work ethic and there is nothing wrong with being a hard worker, but I'd rather see a hard worker who is going to work to tell his story, and make good compositions be a success than someone who just plain sucks. The other thing is that while I may be in the minority and not consumed by this idea of banging beats being the end all be all and loving a guy who makes the same song over and over (Wayne, Ross, Fabolous) when I say something, you better not come at me sideways without being able to support your own opinions. Attacking me isn't supporting you and at the end of the day, no one is going to tell me this guy is spitting Drake worthy punchlines. I'd rather listen to Jeezy or TI than this dude's garbage.

I've said this repeatedly being a good rapper is hard never mind a great one. People look at me and feel as though I'm an elitist when it comes to hip-hop. Not really, I can admit I liked Crime Mob, I fucks with Young Dro immensely but I'm never gonna pretend that they are top notch artists. Someone says they suck I'll likely agree and keep it moving and thats the difference, I don't pretend they're something they are not. I also uphold a standard because everyone doesn't deserve to be in this rap game. They don't let anyone who dominates the playground into the NBA, there is a barrier of entry which makes it an achievement to get there. Rap has become a free for all where people who have the talent to be well rounded aren't shown any love with the exception of the chosen one at any given time. Drake is a rare example but he's like a Tyler Perry movie, not representative of an entire class of people, yet, he is the only one thrown out there as this example of non-gangsterish hip-hop now.

Lastly on my rant let me say this, we as people in general pay way too much attention to negativity and the stuff we don't like. All of us, but as much as I try to put out and promote and always include a positive comment when I'm doing a review, it's only when I can tell you what I don't like and why that I get the attention. I'm not a person who advocates doing anything for the haters because if someone really hates you, they are never going to like you, success isn't making them madder, they were already that way. Fuel yourself on the love not the negative. Look at what I do like support and promote if you're going to be focused on what I dislike. My passions go the same in both directions.

In Honor of Tink:


  1. He's not worth an argument, he sucked back then and he sucks now. People need to start opening their ears and being real to themselves. Like I listen to Big Sean and I know he's not that good but I like some of his songs. I guess in the end 2 chainz could always say "at least I'm better than Lil B".

  2. I respect dudes grind and work ethic..but in the words of Ed Lover, "COME On SON!!" This guy is horrible...His delivery and content sound s as if he just started rappin' last week and being saved by nice tracks and catchy hooks..Just sayin'..Shoulder

  3. that's all you need now, hot beats and 'swag'.

  4. just thought id holla because i agree 100% with wot was wrote in this article! tooo many rappers get by with a catchy beat whilst talking garbage! i rap myself and i dont in any way think im the best, its more of a hobby for me but i always guarentee i never make some random track talkin shit, i always make sure the content is legit! im from the UK n follow american hip hop closely and im fed up of hearing about shit rappers like 2 chains and gucci mane getting on tracks with respectable artists! kinda makes me think i should go invent a dance and make a song to go with it..... :-/


  5. Holy sh!t. I never peeped this cat, mostly because the name 2Chainz is stupid, but man this is garbage. Peace.


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