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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Album Review- Ja Rule- Pain is Love 2

So at the turn of the century Jeffrey Atkins ruled mainstream radio. While Jay-z was widely regarded as the king of NY Ja was busy selling records and popularizing the sing-song hip-hop flow that is ultra-prevalent today. Beef with 50 Cent put a cap on his career and a recent jail stint for a gun charge hasn't really helped an out of the spotlight artist who is desperate to make a comeback. All that aside, I have missed the sound Ja brought to the game so here is my album review of Ja Rule Pain is Love 2.

The album starts with a short intro and a song that might be two minutes in length that has a promising beat but Ja mumbles through his portion, trying to do something artistic and wastes it. "Real Life Fantasy" is a recap on whether or not the career trajectory had was really real or not when you go from the top to the bottom that fast and Ja talks about friends not being by his side anymore-not in depth mind you but that was a part of it. The hook is handled by Anita Louise. "Parachute" has a strong pop-focused backdrop and features Leah Sigel on the hook as he talks once more about his fall from grace and his rise on this album.

"Superstar" is a stretch as Ja goes to the tried and true well concept about being a 'star' having some money and banging broads. It isn't bad but it's pretty boring. "Black Vodka" is a better track and shows Ja can still make songs good enough to get airplay if he was more popular again. "Drown" with Somong and Kenny Dark has Rule asking to be kept safe from falling down and being a victim. This song sounds like it was written and recorded before Ja's bid. Another newcomer Jon Doe, sings the hook on "Never Had Time" over an old sounding dance track about not having time to spend with a lady. "Strange Days" features 700 and Ramzo has Ja using a lighter than usual auto-tune, which is totally unnecessary for him, except for the fact he is going for a futuristic sound. This is like the too late answer to 'Ayo Technology' but it isn't really a bad song, just total pop.

The most well-known feature on the album is Kalina of Dirty Money on "To the Top" on his version of 'swagger talk' or bragging. It is the more east coast version of it so it doesn't feel like Ja is trying too hard to keep up with today's artists. Leah Sigel returns for "Pray 4 the Day" as Ja talks about when he hopes things will get better. Ja has a Maino moment on "Believe" where he talks about how he is the true savior of NY hip-hop. "Spun a Web" featuring Amia is Rule talking about how he was trapped by fame and uses a brooding beat and strong bass line. The hook is a little convoluted but it's a solid way to end the album.

So Ja Rule is back but what does he bring to the table? As before, not much lyrically, I have never heard someone drop a 16 that stayed generic over and over but yet was still directed at the topic. He has singles potential all over the album and can still get hooks done but there isn't that sure-fire breakout hit. The main problem is that he is no longer popular so the songs he makes are wasted with no promotion. Ja Rule has put out a decent album but it isn't the come back effort he really needs to welcome him home from prison.

Rating: 2/5


dud for the last time get it straight for the last time ...ja didnt get capped by 50 go read his bio on wiki before u write what u cant defend ....goodluck

you just said read someone's bio on wikipedia-this has nothing to do with him actually getting shot you know. After 50 Cent came out- murder Inc was destroyed- not sure how you can argue that wasn't the case, you must be a serious Ja fan. He made good songs but never said much- like NY Nelly.

I'm sick of people saying 50 killed Murder Inc and Ja's career. Did it damage it? Yes. Kill it? Absolutely not. After all was said and done, Ja released a double platinum album, Ashanti released two platinum-plus albums, and Lloyd released a gold and platinum album. Def Jam just decided to drop the label for political reasons. People piss me off. Besides, that was damn near 10 FUCKING YEARS AGO. 95% of Drake's fan base wasn't even born when all this went down, so fucking drop it. It's ppl that keep bringing this irrelevant shit up that are responsible for killing hip hop. Also, this review is absolute garbage.

what does any of that have to do with Drake or his fan base? Ja created the style- Nelly came out ran with it, TI had smashes with it, Drake has taken it now. Man no one wanted to hear Rule after 50 came out you know that. Blood in my eye-wack he had three decent songs on there. if it's so long ago then why does it still piss you off? Black Child is that you?

I don't care what people say... 50 CENT MURDERED JA RULE'S CAREER!!! Period, point blank!!! No one cares about that hip hop politcal bull shit. Issues with Def Jam are irrelevant. All I know is that ever since Get Rich or Die Trying came out, the whole Muder INC team has been trying to get hits. Ja career may be over.

dudes get yo facts straight,and the dude who wrote the review must be a real hiphop hater coz this year alone i aint heard anything worthwhile to listen to ntill Ja droped this album.... like it or not 50 is done never to resurrect... this is a classic point blank.

Pain is Love 2 is on heavy rotation in my car for weeks. my favorite is believe. "could be last but still ahead of the game". Ja is fantastic. It s cool to see him try sth new everytime. From VVV to PIL2 was a long way and i enjoyed it all the time.

Thanks Ja for this gread music.

Let me start off by saying this review was trash im guessing the person who wrote this review is a 50cent fan...and no 50 did not kill jas career were do you ppl get your info from????

lol Black Child you still commenting? Gotta admit Ja wasn't the same after the 50 Cent incident. Not in rotation but thats probably because Ja silly ass is locked up and couldn't promote it.

Good thing he made smart investments and millions of dollars. Ja rule is poor, this able sold like a few thousand copies. Get over it rap/hip hop stars are a dime a dozen and fade just as quick as they rise. Ja's first cd was good, and that was it. Drake is just a Weezy knock off and will fade also.

I dont care who ended ja rules career, if it was eminem, 50 cent, i dont care, im a fan of ja rule, 50 cent, and eminem.

your all a bunch of sheep, everyone liked ja rule but soon as 50 cent said he didnt like ja rule, you all followed cause your all shit fans.

i like this album and people need to get out of 50 cents arse. . .


i agree with the above.......

Dumbass! Since when is Wiki a realiable source!!

STFU Ja did not invent it, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Q-Tip already did it in the early 90s

Of course 50 killed him! Since then Ja cannot get his feet up again and his hypocritical fans are the worst, why don't they support him?! They are everywhere over the net defending him but when it comes to supporting him and buying his music, no one of them does. 50 killed his carrer and the hypocritical fans like you put the nail in the coffin.

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