Freshmen 10 2012- Part 2

So this second half of the freshman 10 is the set of artists coming into this I was less familiar with for the most part so I took some more time to check these people out and see what they really had to offer.

1. Danny Brown - So Danny is from Detroit and has collaborated with Black Milk for some projects who is a J. Dilla type clone. Danny himself is a mild Tyler the Creator, nerdy rapper with a weird flow and a missing tooth and odd haircut. Basically his concept is to be a little odd but he can spit in that underground type of way. I think he is more of an inclusion for that segment of the hipsters that appreciates a sort of awkwardness from its artists.

2. Don Trip - Don Trip is a guy whom I didn't know of before, but who made this whole process worthwhile. The first song I listened to, "Letter to My Son" which features Cee-Lo is about a bad father-mother relationship that keeps him from being as involved as he wants to be. I listened to the mix tape "Guerilla" and the Memphis native impressed with a variety of songs about hustling, why he does it, being responsible, and of course, some stripper music. I am looking forward to seeing how he puts together an entire album because he has the passion, some lyrics, and a reason to be doing this so it should work out well.

3. Iggy Azalea - The most controversial choice for the freshman 10, I highlighted her a few months ago when "Pussy" came out. Image wise, it was a no-brainer but the thing is her content isn't as bad as I would have thought it was so I respect her a bit more. She is embroiled in a bidding war and I see why, labels see money machines when they look at her.

4. Macklemore - This guy is from Seattle whose most well known artist is Sir mixalot. For artists out there it might be about time, and I can say Macklemore has the general underground old-eminem flow that isn't as melodic as most mainstream artists. From the couple of joints I heard content is at a premium but I am not sure how much he can put out without seeming too preachy, however a Dilated peoples' type of career wouldn't be out of the question. I really like this song "Otherside" about falling victim to using drugs and mimicking the artists you see on tv sipping syrup and popping pills.

5. Hopsin - So the final member of this year's freshman class is Hopsin who is another "shock" rapper in the vein of Tyler the Creator without the silly voices and a more basic late 90's flow. He sounds like he would be an ill battle rapper, he can spit but the fear is that he will try too hard to push the envelope and not be genuine. On "Sag My Pants" he goes in with some nice verses and punchlines but is there really a method to his madness. He isn't going to be the best at crafting songs and will probably offend too many people to get anywhere because Tyler is already in the industry heavy and will be seen as more of a jokester while Hopsin's aggression will make him seem more like a serious threat to the status quo.

Who are you looking forward to in this year's Freshman 10 class?


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