Diggy Dissing?

Now this popped off yesterday on April 1st, so of course plenty of people had to think that it was a joke being played upon us. Diggy had a diss record 'leaked'  about the young berg of the south...J. Cole. It's funny  cause he's just corny like Young B only maybe a little more corny. So while getting to the bottom of it, it came to my attention that a song everyone seemed to be loving by Cole called Purple Rain was the reason for the track to be made in the first place. I'd say skip to verse two if you're unfamiliar so you don't fall asleep.

Doggy says his diss was created a while ago and he was at the movies when it leaked- yet for some reason after only 20 thousand sold in the first week, I have to think this was a calculated move.

So today there was an interview with the better rapping of all the Simmons' and he handles the controversy like a pro.

One thing I must say is Diggy knew this was going to pop off he is too prepared and polished with his response to it. Secondly, his verse (also the second) actually has some heat to it when you get past the fact that it is Diggy. I mean the shots about Cole not being popular at school so thus pushing to invalidate the entire premise of Purple Rain wasn't a bad idea at all. However, he says his sister came to him preemptively to say that he was going to hear some things that were untrue about her from J.Cole I have to call bullshit on that one. No reason for her to do that if something isn't true- now is Cole exaggerating - probably- he probably never got head from her in church but maybe she told him that she had done it before.

Either way, J.Cole needs to take advantage of the situation as well because the last time I looked, his career wasn't anything to write home about. He didn't move many units and no one really cares about him except for his hard core stans who are just as confusing to me as those who love Waka Flaka Flame. I don't get the thing with this kid but at the very least they could provide us with some entertainment since Drake failed to deliver anything against Common and no good albums are even on the horizon.


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