What's Happening...Iggy, Slaughterhouse, what I'm feeling.

So I profiled Iggy early on and got a lot of hits as she was obviously blowing up. Following her freshmen 10 cover I think she might be the breakout this year, not only is she white...she can rap a lil bit, but she signed a new deal with Grand Hustle and everyone's favorite felon since DMX fell off, T.I. She has a street single out now called Murda Bizness- check it out:

Now I watched a video of them performing this live at some hole in the wall in Atlanta and your boy Clifford gets so pumped when he's on stage. He's like the new Busta Rhymes when it comes to energy. This seems like a good move for TI to move the label forward although I'm going to need him to make something decent, get B.O.B. back on track and help Young Dro put the damn auto tune down so he can get back to doing what he does.

Now my favorite song at the moment is the new single from Slaghterhouse, "Hammer Dance". This beat is mean and they manage to make a song that can play in the clubs, keep their verses gutter and make you look forward to more. Hell a remix where Royce actually drops a verse and maybe an Em appearance or Yelawolf  has to be sitting on the shelf for when the release date gets closer.

Speaking of remixes, this "Shot Caller" remix from French Montana is fire, but mainly because of the way it is produced with the beat switches so shouts out to the guy who produced it. Unfortunately Red Cafe and Uncle Murda are on it, and I'll even give Fat Joe a pass cause he is way better than those two.

Catch it here: (Courtesy of 2Dopeboyz.com)



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