Decoded - We need to break down Gunplay's verse?

So I am not going to say i hate Gunplay, aka Don Logan. In fact I would rather listen to him than a lot of popular rappers like Big Sean or Tyga cause they really suck. So I see  courtesy of world star, that they have a web series that I assume is based on the idea behind Jay-z's decoded book which broke down some of the stories behind his lyrics.

This particular one strikes me because it involves Gunplay talking about his verse on the Self Made Volume 2 compilation, on the song "Power Circle".

Now as I said before Gunplay actually has something to him but did we really need him to break down his verse? He didn't use any metaphors or similes. In fact, the words he used to break down the verse were the same ones he used to write it. In essence, there is nothing there to decode. This isn't a Wale verse or Lupe Fiasco. I can appreciate this attempt to explain hip-hop for those who are unaware but if we're going to do it, at least be able to show the poetry of it and anything that might be more difficult to understand.


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