Lupe Should talk and never rap

I mean dude can rap a lot but he just loses me some times with his concepts and how he makes his music. But when dude speaks, he is motivating to me in a large degree. He can really relate and speak about how things are going and how a guy like me would reflect on a situation. He is way more honest than most of these other rappers out here, these so-called gangsta rappers and trappers and thugs who do this music thing to get out of that situation and they just perpetrate it. They don't have the guts to speak about it other than just trying to placate the main people who buy into their garbage music and support the negativity.

Here lupe is talking about Chief Keef and the particular culture he represents. There a couple of things I have on this myself. One, is that it seems interesting that in a lot of areas that have had a couple of more positive artists come out, it seems like there is quickly an influx of artists who are the opposite, meaning less progressive and more into the glorification of street life and violence. Look at the West Coast movement and how big the true gangster movement got just after NWA which was a mixture of the two ideals. It also happened in Atlanta after Outkast and Goodie Mob were the early pioneers of hip-hop from their area. It's not even that the opposite gets shown because there should definitely be a balance so that side should be represented, however, the positive gets completely over run and pushed to the side in favor of the thugged out music. Interesting to say the least.

The second is just literally listening to what Lupe says and it really is crazy that as far as we have come as a group and a people for those of us in the hip-hop community who are black (because it is not exclusive to race and yes we have come a long way), that those with these views are still out here and surviving. Simple, it's so visceral that so many of these kids out here look like him, and have his mentality. These are the faces on the news and then for him to be so young and to represent this and to have such staunch support of people who feel the same as him and support him without thinking about what it does to all of us, it's really something to be taken aback by.

While we start to get worked up in this election season, let us not lose focus that we still need to do for ourselves in our own communities and get rid of the areas that promote this lifestyle.


  1. Time for a follow up story about this. Chicago nigs are crazy.


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