Album Review- Lil Wayne - I Am Not a Human Being II

So as Wayne is or isn't in an ICU in California recovering from seizures that may or may not be a part of his continued drug use, his album is scheduled for release. I wasn't even aware that it was coming out this soon but here it is and it's maybe because I don't listen to urban radio I missed out on the single. No matter because Lil Wayne is back with his new album release I am Not a Human Being 2 . I'm not sure what the title is supposed to mean because he looks more mortal than ever right now.

The album starts with a simplistic beat that doesn't live up to its idea, as the track on "IANAHB" builds, the keyboard never really evolves and feels flat. On this you are going to get the idea of what the entire album is about, as he talks his braggadocio thug rap but his favorite subject, the female anatomy and what he can do to it. It comes back up on "Curtains" which also features an artist named Boo and has Wayne back on the auto tune wagon a la Future.

Gudda Gudda gets a chance to spit next to Weezy on "Gunwalk" where Wayne threatens to use the heat on anyone who talks greasy and makes a threat. Gudda doesn't do bad on here considering what it is. One of the singles is "No worries" with Detail which is pretty much just like "Bitches Love Me" which is the bigger single and features Future and Drake. I would say he was scared to let Drake shine on the song but he probably wrote wayne's verses anyway. "Back To You" is another one of Wayne's awful rock/rap hybrid attempts as eh talks to a lady about getting back with him and it might make some top 40 play just because.

I can't help but like "Beat The Shit" but that's probably cause I deal with Gunplay as limited as he is lyrically. The weak pre-chorus that Wayne sings doesn't help at all though. However, the beat is set up decent. On "Rich as Fuck" 2 Chainz handles the hook as Wayne talks about why the women choose him over anyone else. on "Wowzers" Soulja Boy absolutely murders the production but Wayne drops a bunch of wack bars about his sexual prowess. He totally wasted the track and it will be a million freestyles over this track as soon as it leaks. Soulja gets some vocal action on "Trigger Finger" and his bars aren't the only ones of struggle as Wayne is lackluster on this joint as well. Juicy J does the beat on "Trippy" where Wayne manages to focus on a subject for once which is getting high.

"Hello" is a rock song about what else, sex as is "Romance" which is just a list of things Wayne did in the bedroom, or maybe outside of the bedroom. "God Bless Amerika" had potential to be a statement song but it isn't about anything at all though the chorus and beat might suggest otherwise.

Look I haven't liked Wayne since the first Carter dropped and he has been on a steady descent in my mind ever since then.Wayne has never been particularly focused as a rapper on creating actual songs and this album is more of that. While a lot of people rave about his punchlines they never have any real relation to anything else going on before or after. Its a bunch of randomness put together and his reliance on talking about sex and his 'prowess' is at the point of ridiculousness. I mean I should be able to listen to half a verse without hearing about what your dick or tongue does. The beats are predictable and even when they are above average, Wayne's laissez-faire approach ruins their potential. It's unfortunate because he is indeed talented, but he has been surpassed by proteges Drake and Ncki Minaj by a fairly large margin.

Rating: 2/5


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