Drakes not just Emotional on Record

He is a really emotional guy, but then again so are most rappers. So I can't just single out Drizzy for this. However, I did think he took things a bit too seriously on a personal level concerning Kendrick Lamar and the infamous verse from Control. Skip to 2:25 in the video below as Angie Martinez asks him about it.

This was odd, though I would like to see the animosity come out of Drake if it means he is going to come with fiercer bars than he did on the majority of "Nothing Was The Same", I think that him saying the verse Kendrick spit didn't mean much is bullshit. Point blank the kid said that the animosity is on wax, not in the streets, it's like Kevin Durant being friends with Lebron while still going at him for the title on the court. You don't have to carry these elements elsewhere, especially when you specifically state the circumstances in which you are coming with it.

Drake is showing his arrogance and that's fine to an extent as a rapper but his feeling that the verse had a limited impact I take is his way to downplay he didn't really have a really good response and multiple excuses for it. Such as saying he is waiting on someone else or a specific person he has assumed would bring the beef. Point blank dude copped a plea and fanned some flames if he got his britches in a bunch because of Control. Hopefully Kendrick files this away and pays attention on his next release.


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