Independent Wednesday

This week I'm starting off with an artist from Florida named Jay Montra. Now unlike most Florida artists he isn't coming with some new trap rap and heavy bass lines. Self-described he is aiming to be more friendly to the radio and get the ladies to love him a la Cool James. Skepticism washed away immediately upon hearing the first song Boomerang. It's a solid track but I think I liked the second video, "Checklist" a little better as it fits a little bit with the bragging and boasting but not too arrogant nature that seems to be the sweet spot of mainstream success.

If you want to hear more from his recent LP, you can download or stream it over here at soundcloud. it's alright, but not as consistent as I would like to hear from Jay. 

American Fortune submitted new music from their artist Smart, "The Most Disrespected Woman in the World". In a way this is a teaser video, it shows the angle Smart is coming from with his music and it has a lot of depth to it. The lyrics are high quality and if this is like the actual song with music behind it, it's a gem. However, the other material they sent in was all a little hard to get through. One video was a spoken word? or rant and while the point was well meaning, i was prepared for more lyrics like this. I will be looking out for more from this artist though, he shows potential to be lyrical and charismatic.

Now from my home town I'm going to throw up something new from VIP Gutter called "Luv This Shit". The beat rocks and Gutter spits some decent bars. Now, I went to all Bmore hip-hop and there are a lot of responses to local artist Skarr Akbarr's shot or "Kendrick Lamarring" of the Baltimore rap industry. Not sure if this was directly to respond to that but this is a pretty solid set of verses.

Then my dude Japiro goes in over the "Somewhere in America" track with his own version , "Somewhere in Baltimore" and he does his thing. He speaks on what's really going on in front of his eyes and just flows. I'm feeling it. and you should know, 'Miley Cyrus is still twerking'.


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