Independent Wednesday

Let's start off this week with an EP by artist Ash D from Cali. Cali has a thriving scene still after all of thes eyears of independent artists who are extremely active in promoting their music, more than just about any other area I would say.

This is an alright set of songs but it has that almost strict underground template of a slightly choppy flow and a focus on general lyrics and beats that aren't really melodic. Some of the hooks are clunky as well and the pacing could be better. I unfortunately tuned out several times because there wasn't enough to keep my attention. Thus I can't even evaluate how "nice" or not Ash is most of the time because I can't get into it. If you choose to preview above, leave your comments and let Ah know what you think. my favorite  cut is "Feel Better" personally.

Next up I got a single that is more geared toward the clubs and cars with a sound more like what you hear on the radio today from A. Layne featuring Stori, called "Rinse and Repeat". It's a decent little track that you can nod your head to but it isn't going to win any grammys. It is an example of the other spectrum when compared to Ash D.

The other thing about A. Layne is that he is like aiming for the Future/ Rich Homie Quan type of sound where he isn't really 'rapping' per se but making something thats a cross between r and b and rap.

Third this week, Jordan Looney reminds me of something straight from an underground mixtape from the mid-90's. He has the underground sound of mics with low bass and simple hooks. This isn't a bad song at all and brings me a lot of nostalgia. I consider this boombox music from the days of Rap City.

His new EP is called Dedication over Distance because Jordan worked with NY producer Wes Wax using today's new digital means. Jordan's other songs showcase a clear delivery which is witty and playful. The one thing is he needs some help with some of the more commercial aspects of music creation to lead himself away from some of the break beat styles he is using currently.

Let me know what you think about these artists this week.


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