50 Still runs NY

So I am still around but I'm searching for topics a lot cause it's not a lot exciting and I owe it to my readers to not just quote the same stories. rumors and gossip that is already floating around. Once again i'm back talking abut Fitty cent though and it seems a bit strange. I mean it was well over a decade since 50 was the biggest thing out of NY and it's crazy to think he has created more buzz from the big apple than anyone pretty much since then.

Let's look at things, first there are his instagram videos and myriad of interviews which are always entertaining and interesting because he will indeed say what is in his mind. I do think he might have been trolling us with all of his talk about how he wasn't ready to reunite with his G-Unit brothers. In a way I feel like this was in motion before he even went on his publicity tour where everyone was asking him about the Unit and it became obvious that the crew was missed. Just look at the response they got at Summer Jam. It was epic.

Now 50 is breaking out his old formula and using the internet and new independent situation, mixed with his celebrity is a great chance for success in the new era of music.Already the Unit has pumped out new singles and a video, 50 has dropped one album and announced another, and while not as hyped as during the G-Unit era, things seem to be getting pumped. I mean what other NY artist is even getting any burn or attention on anything close to these levels? Even the artists who were recently supposed to be hot like Troy Ave and Asap Rocky fail to get this amount of attention

For as much as he is hated, 50 is still a lightening rod and you have to keep an eye on what he is doing. Unfortunately this says something about the new crop of rappers from the city and their inability to really build any sustaining buzz. Whether or not G-Unit can actually continue to build and win again is to be seen but it seems as though right now they are on the right path and no one is standing in their way as even a speed bump.


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