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Artwork 1 photo WilliamRoseArtWork1.jpgSo I fall off from time to time but know this, I will be back. First off I heard a new joint from William Rose II called "Keep It Real". I listened to this joint about four times before even looking at the short bio and seeing that this was another local Baltimore artist. I was impressed by the content, skill and production - which was by Vanilla.

Only 17, he exhibits a high level of skill for someone so young. He also spit over the Dead President's track and did not embarass himself as could be done easily by being focused. All of his songs have the 90's vibe but it isn't too underground, it has a bit of polish to it that reminds me of a young Nas or for the newer generation J. Cole. For those who know the obscure, think slightly Ali Vegas only without the NY accent.

While we back at home in Baltimore, I have to go ahead and drop the new visual by my dude Japiro, also over the Dead Presidents track. This was off of his project "2" which remade the Reasonable Doubt soundtrack around the theme of his two sons being born a few weeks ago.

If you're free tonight He will be performing at Mex at the Powerplant tonight along with VIP Gutter.

From Dallas, Texas T-Shawn doesn't really sound like an artist from Texas on his new single, "so High" which isn't about smoking as you might expect but it's about some fly shit. The hook is perfect with the beat and the flow is on point. When I hear a song like this I imagine it should easily fit into someone's roatation.  The production by Grits N Gravy is worth noting too. Several more of T-Shawn's songs have that production and they all sound really polished as well. T-Shawn can rap and he has the fast rap style but you can tell he is still refining his voice, working toward being compelling yet maintaining his own lane where he isn't getting to be too "gangster" or too "corny". Go hit up his soundcloud after So high and let me know what you think.

Finishing up in Texas is Tre Crowell from Houston who once again is shattering the idea of what a Southern artist sounds like. With a definite east cost sound, Tre is an artist I think could have a very long future. In fact this is one of the best independent Wednesdays I remember in terms of these kinds of artists who are less 'gangster' but still reality based. Tre has some serious flow as he demonstrates on both "Vintage Flow 2" and "At the podium". At the Podium mixes classic production and flow I can't place but if you grew up when I did and miss some of those rappers- Tre will satisfy that. If you are from the DMV area and ever hear of Gods'illa, I get a similar feel to them from this artist. I can't see the audio mack player but hit this link and listen asap!.


  1. Tre' Crowell is tough i need to hear more


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