Who needs to win

So my Boy NC-17 was in town this week and we went out to eat and while out he asked me who it was I wanted to win in hip-hop right now. Who do I think should be leading the game right now, and I must say it was a question I was pissed off at not being to answer at the time. Of course the entire next day I thought about it and here is my list of folks I think are underrated or should be moved to the top of the game and be the folks who get the accolades and the love.

B.O.B. - Bobbie Ray isn't a new artist but I think he is slept on. His latest album, Underground Luxury was definitely a sales and PR dud by his lofty standards but the quality was there and he had depth and fun as usual. He is often overlooked and I think as a rapper he is very comparable to Drake only not as ratchet in a lot of the music he makes.

Wale -  Folarin has his share of detractors and haters but the dude makes good music and can really rap. He might have to come to grips with the fact his following may never grow as large as someone like Meek Mill whom he is better than in every way imaginable but it will be passionate. He just ahs to stay the path and control his anger.

Don trip - I think a lot of people would be surprised that Trip is one of my favorite dudes right now. Honestly everyone needs some ratchet int heir life but he is more than just a thug who can spit. He has depth to him and while he has punchlines that can be simplistic at times, his passion and desire come through in his music.

Big Krit - Beyond Mt. Olympus I like Krit. He has a good mix of trap/reality rap, lyrical skills, and introspective perspective. He is like a way better David Banner who seems to be a bit more authentic than David as well. He has such a variety of music it's hard to pin him into one area or style.

Gunplay - Now I can admit I didn't like Gunplay at first. But he has grown to be tolerable as he has continued. Honestly he isn't that serious as a rapper to me but he is who he is and when compared to say Waka Flaka I prefer to listen to Ross' protege. In fact it reminds me of the guilty pleasure I took with listening to Tony Yayo and his struggle bars.

What was crazy is that while doing this I was trying my damndest to think of East or West Coast artists that I felt deserved to be included but right now no one is standing out more than some of these southern rappers who represent a variety of styles. It is my unfortunate duty to tell you, the South is winning.


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