Album Review- The Clipse- Till The Casket Drops

The Clipse are one of the "underrated" groups in hip-hop. They have a dedicated and loyal following, all-star production, have been on songs with the likes of Justin timberlake yet still have not been able to become The VA version of Outkast. In some respects it is fitting, they aren't likely to ever be on MTV's top ten or make it more than a week on 106th and park because of the style of their music. It isn't empty and meaningless bluster. I have to admit I'm not a fan. I never liked Grinidin, I thought the beat was lame and Pharrell was annoying, so I have never taken the time to deal with Malice and Pusha since then.

Til The Casket Drops aims early to change my perception at least with "Freedom" where Seand and LV provide a theatric backdrop for the duo's vivid imagery. This is the type of beat Fab should have had on his album as they pour out actual feelings on the track. "Door Man" is a song about the luxurious trappings of the dope game. "Champion" is about the success of making it out of their situation in life. Meanwhile, "Footsteps" is a warning to the youth who may be listening to the album to be wary of the street life, this isn't the only time this theme comes across.

"I'm Good" is the lead single with Pharrell, "There's Been a Murder" is a warning to the potential snitches. "Kinda Like a Big Deal" with Kanye West is about how being you must be a big deal if you're being talked about. Kanye delivers his best verse of the past two years on this song over DJ Khalil's beat. Cam'ron guests on "Popular Demand" but other than the one line, I couldn't tell you why it's co-titled "Popeyes" but the song is hot. "Counseling" is the token track directed at the ladies and it has a unique concept and single potential.

The last song is "Life Change" about the things that caused the duo to stop the hustling path and put their time into improving themselves and their communities. The two songs that prevent this from being perfect for me are "Eyes On Me" with Keri Hilson that seems and too much of a stretch from the feel of the rest of the album sonically. I can appreciate the try though. "Never Will It Stop" doesn't work for me either and a lot of that stems from the inclusion of Philly's Ab Liva (whom I remember from Major Figgas) who isn't in the same zip code as Malice and Pusha on the joint.

Overall, I feel like the Clipse might have never made an album before this one. This is like a new introduction and the subject matter though based in tales of dope selling has a serious message and warning along with the actual face value lyrics. This is definately Deeper than Rap on every level. The production handled mostly by DJ Khalil and The Neptunes is rock solid throughout with the one exception being the song with Keri Hilson. 2009 was rocky for the first 10 months but the last two have definately picked up steam with this album eclipsing Wale as my favorite so far. Great job.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. damn, let's see you got an artist from DC on ya list now a group from VA... where's baltimore at? I forgot this was even out until I checked your page, I'm going to go get it this weekend.


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