Album Review- Gucci Mane- The State vs Radric Davis

Now I am not a Gucci fan although I believe he created the most buzz by himself for an artist in one of the more difficult ways just because he was incarcerated during a large period of time and on an independent label. Now he is also going to be in jail for the release of his first national release as well. Most Gucci fans are used to his mixtapes and the bevy of material he has put out over the past 18 months.

The album starts off with "Classical" an intro-lude type of track that serves to also introduce his main producer "Zaytoven" as well. There are only 4 songs where Gucci doesn't share the spotlight with another artist so we'll get to those first. "Heavy" is typical Gucci with a pounding beat and lyrics like "I pimp the white girl like a mothafucking hooker" . I'll pause while you digest that. "Worst Enemy" features some references to the deaths of heavyweights Biggie and Tupac and Gucci's penchant for getting himself arrested and apparently shot at. Jazze Pha produced "the Movie" which is the soundtrack for the movie which is Gucci's life. "Lemonade" is about how everything is yellow from his woman to his watch....

"Stupid Wyld" features Lil Wayne and Cam'ron in what seems like an overdue appearance on a southern album and he pulls off the better verse of the song. Rick Ross however gets honors for best verse of the album on "All About the Money" just based on the way his flow rolls over the beat. "Spotlight" with Usher is a terrible attempt at crossover success for both artists involved, and Soulja Boy along with Wacka Flocka Flame both guest on "Bingo". Bun-B makes his required appearance on "Kush in my cologne" alongside Devin the Dude and e-40. Keyshia Cole is on "Bad, Bad, bad" which sounds more like 2 songs that have crashed together and become one.

Nicki Minaj, Trina, and Bobby V show up on "Sex in Crazy Places" which isn't that bad. "I think I'm in Love" has Jason Caesar a newcomer, and OJ da Juiceman only appears once on "Gingerbread Man".

The State of Hip=hop needs to file charges against Gucci for this album. Now it's not that i don't like him but the album is way too long with no change in subject matter or sound. Gucci cannot maintain his charisma through what turns into a slog of 15 songs.

Rating: 2/5


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