Album Review- Snoop Dogg- Malice in Wonderland

Snoop is to West Coast hip-hip what crust is to bread. They cannot exist without one another. Snoop is an artist who is able to talk about pimpin' bitches and murkin dudes in one verse and the next time you see him talk about coaching his kid's football team then go and roll up a blunt and you wouldn't question one bit of it. Over 25 years in the game, Snoop is back with Malice in Wonderland.

The album starts off on the right foot with "I wanna rock" the second single from the album. Is it any surprise that any song where Snoop's name is a part of the hook is a hot joint? "2 Minute Warning" has Snoop just spitting with a venomous attitude over the perfect beat for him to do that too. Classic. "That's The Homie" sounds a little tired in the hook department, verses are solid and the track is like a mix of classic Miami Bass, and some New Orleans club music. Different from everything you're hearing today for sure it's just odd though.

The rest of the songs have features "1800" with Lil' Jon (I thought Pitbull had exclusive rights to Lil Jon) is a dated sound but it is designed for the "jerk" crowd. "pronto" with Soulja Boi is a desperate grasp for Snoop at relevancy. It would have worked possibly if the hook by Soulja wasn't so lethargic, lazy, and cliched. Kokane features on "Secrets" a classic Funk inspired Snoop track thats nothing inspiring. On "Pimpin' Ain't EZ" (creative title Snoop) with R. Kelly, the top Dogg feels as tired as the name of that song.

"Special" with Brandy and Pharrell isn't anywhere as good as "Beautiful" was but that is what it is trying to be but it isn't a bad song by any means. The second song with the Dream "Luv Drunk" is a nice track but the set-up of the song is annoying with the repetition of each bar. "Different Languages" is like the rap version of the Charlie Wilson song that Snoop used as the theme to his show and features Jazmine Sullivan on the hook. It's a sweet love song. We cannot forget about "Gangsta Luv" the lead single featuring the Dream. "Upside Down" with Nipsey Hussle and Problem is one of my favorite songs on the album.

Overall it is a very solid album but not spectacular. Snoop is sort of treading water looking to be getting closer to LL Cool J territory where he can put out solid albums have singles that should get worked more than they do, move some units then sort of be looked over. On the album you can see that Snoop is reaching out to the younger generation with some of his beats and the inclusion of Soulja Boi, however, these attempts are not always successful and they could end up doing more harm than good. I like Snoop and some of Malice but not all.

Rating: 3/5


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