Album Review- Young Money- We Are Young Money

So here we go, finally the Young Money label/crew has completed the long delayed album, just in time for the last minute Christmas rush and itunes gift cards. A larger crew, Young Money is made up of Lil Cuckee, Young Twist (i guess), Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jae Millz, and Shanelle, the token singer. The lead single, "Every Girl" came out before last year's spring break so it tells how long the label has been working to 'perfect' this release.

From the outset, the album starts off on an average note, with Jae Millz, Gudda (I think, or it could be Tyga), and Mack Maine's verses on "Gooder" with Wayne on the hook in his normal auto-tune. "Wife Beater" is the name of another song about sex only this one more explicit and street than "Every Girl". The beat is typical Southern fare and the lyrics have highlights and lowlights but nothing stands out. The chorus is again done by Wayne in one of the album's repeating themes in his pseudo-rock auto-tune singing.

One of the problems is that the group's second most recognizable artist (not counting Wayne) Nicki Minaj doesn't make an appearance on the album until the 8th track, "Fuck da Bullshit" which also has Birdman finding a reason to get paid a feature appearance fee for being on the album. On the actual song Gudda should have been replaced by the more capable Jae Millz as he is forced to hold his own with Wayne, Nicki and Drake. Of Course, "Bedrock" is also featured but the song is so average it isn't worth noting.

the David Banner produced "Streets is Watching" is held down mostly by Jae Millz who spits the best verse on the track which includes Wayne,Nicki, Gudda, and Mack Maine. He also shows his skill on the last track "Finale" where everyone gets their chance to showcase their skills. This would have been a better idea for the first track so you would be able to identify who each of the artists are through the rest of the album.

The biggest problem with the album is that there aren't any real highlights and there are too many instances of people who just don't have the personality to stand out as artists sort of like the Triple C's album. Only this is worse because this is supposed to be a label. Mack Maine, Gudda, and Tyga should all stop rapping immediately.

listen to "New Shit" which is boring and shows how overwhelmed they are by a track where they need to rely on their own lyrics to carry them. "Ms. parker" is another terrible track where Wayne feels the need to try and be T-Pain. "Pass the Dutch" with Shawt Dog is another example of a song where no one has anything to say, including Wayne, though Drake tries to save the song.

"Play in my Band" is the song for singer Shanelle and it suffers from wayne's idea that he should be combining rock and hip-hop. It isn't bad but it isn't anything great either. "Girl I Got You" with Chuckee and lil Twist (or is it Twizz?) is terribly out of place amongst the adult fare on the album. "She is gone" is lame and suffers from too many uses of the word bitch and "Roger That" is bland.

I am not a fan of most of the artists on Young Money though I still have held out hope for Nicki, Drake and Jae Millz. The album would have been better with more creative hooks that didn't rely on Lil Wayne's voice to be successful because it gets repetitive and annoying. The other person who gets old really fats is Nicki Minaj. It's one thing to use voice inflections and pitch to make your verses stand out in different ways, but using the same thing, every time makes it just look like a lame attempt to hide a lack of skill and originality in your bars. Third, the songs just don't say anything and Drake is on less songs than Wayne. At the end of the day this was an average album as expected but it could and should have been much better.

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. I like this post I guess it safe to say that you arent a fan. Good lookin with the review was wondering how it was,when you get a chance come check me out subscribe if you like what you see I could always use some new readers. Comments and criticism is welcomed.


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