So the image that I used to have when thinking about a B-boy used to be this:

Today, so much has changed in my view of the world, that unfortunately when I hear b-boy or think the phrase, I see this instead:

Now this is because today's b-boy stands for Bitch boy in my mind. Yes, I'm calling Chris Brown, Mr. C-Breezy a big ol' bitch.

Being a bitch is an epidemic and its crazy to see a generation of young men acting like damn bitches. Maybe I need to explain what i define a bitch as. A whiny person who can't control themselves and always has an excuse for their actions instead of being responsible. At 14 one of my friends and I were catching the bus home and he asked me what my definition of a man was. I didn't know nor care about the question but he answered himself as that being 'when you become a responsible person'. At fourteen he had this thought, no stardom on the horizon or anything, not an exceptionally stable home life yet he understood that basic thing. Why can't these guys in the spotlight man up and stop whining and making excuses for themselves when they do something stupid.

It started with Kanye West, repeatedly, and now Chris, getting on the cusp of the ultimate comeback, blowing up and having a hissy fit when talking about Rihana yet again. So yes, he's tired of it, but guess what, you've been talking about it for two years why are you having a two year old's tantrum now? Because you're a bitch that's why. Unable to control yourself and your emotions you got so frustrated you decide to break shit try to fight and walk out into NY chest naked. It makes me sick to my stomach. I have a six year old and I'd put my foot in his ass for behaving this way. I know, Chris is at a point where you can't really tell him anything but someone should have broken this bitchassness out of him by now.

Is this the new gangster? I never claim to be a G nor have I ever wanted to be, but what I do know is that if you want to portray the image of a tough guy you have to at the least look the part. Walking around talking about your exclusive dunks and your lil slim ass jeans don't make you a G no matter how many tattoos you happen to have.

Point blank these tantrums have got to stop and people have got to stop accepting it and taking up for them. Then right after this incident, Chris tweets about how this would be funny if it were Charlie Sheen. Let's get this straight, you are not Charlie Sheen. He's winning and a boss, you just barely got your career back from the dead while Charlie has resuscitated his multiple times. Secondly, we weren't laughing about him threatening his wife or destroying the hotel in New York. We thought that was crazy, his interviews are freaking classic because he's so real. Bitch boys always bring someone else up when they get caught in a fuck up. It's tantamount to snitching and that's a no-no in the urban community. Then to make it even worse, he pulled it down which means he won't even stand by what he said. Lame. Be a man and stand up. What if that chair had gone out of the window and hit some lady and her child walking down the street? then he'd be looking extra stupid.

Man Up. That's going to be my new motto for the year. We have dudes who supposed to be thugs and hustlers hugging on each other with their tongues out while rocking tight clothes in the club. Dog, you supposed to be stacking paper why are you not out there grinding? Why do have one of those little piercings in your lip and a glass of Nuvo in your hand homie? Look I don't like to pigeon-hole people into stereotypes but some things just make sense. I don't want to advocate for violence or ridiculousness, but what I want the most is for men to act like men. Behaving like a four year old when you're in your 20's is not a good look. Look I'm just sick of these dudes acting out and giving men a bad name and making the younger generation think that this is acceptable.


  1. "Let's get this straight, you are not Charlie Sheen. He's winning and a boss..."

    Great quote. I saw this on mediatakeout recently. I'm not surprised. What annoys me is the amount of girls who are trying to defend his actions or try to give him an excuse.

    Chris is the equivalent of Ike Turner with temper tantrums the like of Naomi Campbell. I'm just not sure how he keeps recovering from all of these mishaps.

  2. lol because this new generation doesn't really have standards. They are spoiled and always trying to move on and ignore recent history. I was done with all of the previous stuff and was cool with Chris Brown finally coming back and then he proves it isn't genuine.


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