Something new...

Check my links if you haven't in a while you will find some interesting things. Just recently I added YAPPARIHIPHOP.COM a Japanese hp-hop site. It's confusing but there is English on the site so you can see what's going on internationally.

Now I have been erratic lately but I must shout out my man Japiro for making number one with his new Baltimore collaboration with Al Great, Duce Wayne, Eddie Numbers, Fuze B, Lee Scholar and Greenspan over at . He sent that to me and posted it on his own blog (which you should have been visiting by now) last week but there has been a lot going on and my e-mails are really piling up. It's really hot because they jumped straight to the top with that one after not being listed last week and leap frogged some strong contenders from the city.

Japiro also has his latest video featured at so go ahead and check out that website as well.

Now I was all looking for info about the DMV awards because I knew I was going to get to congratulate my brothers from the group Gods'illa on a win in some category when I see that the awards turned into a brawl of some sort. I know those dudes weren't the type to be involved so i feel safe in still shouting them out at the very least for their nomination. Though I never feel these type of events are including of the Baltimore area, nevertheless it's nice to see that they are attempting some type of movement but it's unfortunate that bad things happened and hopefully they can recover.


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