Album Review-Wiz Khalifa- Rolling Papers

Yep, I'm late. What can I say, I lost where I put the cd and I was not about to burn another one for Wiz. While amongst the new generation, he may be the re-incarnation of Snoop/Method Man, for me he is another guy with a lot of hype that I'm waiting to see prove himself. Secoondly, he's from Shittsburg Pittsburg and I'm a Baltimore Raven fan for life.

From the outset, you can get the feeling that this is 'Feel Good No Matter What Music' which seems to be the current trend in hip-hop. "When I'm Gone" is the first song where Wiz justifies spending out of control and balling because he can't take it with him. There is also the hit single and Squealers playoff anthem "Black and Yellow" which by now everyone has heard hundreds of times. Then there is the new single the double entendre "Roll-up" which isn't a bad radio song. "Wake Up"sounds like the song itself has a buzz as Wiz talks about how his life seems like a dream that he doesn't want to wake up from.

Much of the album sounds like one long song with joints like "The Race", "Hopes and Dreams", and "Star of the Show" featuring Chevy Woods all have the same feel and subject matter or lack thereof at their heart. "No Sleep" is another song about partying, drinking, and smoking all night long. "Top Floor" is about smoking, chilling and partying with someone else's girl which are the major themes that Wiz covers.

"Fly Solo" is about a bad relationship where Wiz threatens to leave his girl. "On My Level" feels different and also features Too Short, though it still is pretty much about partying. Currency is on "Rooftops" where he once again talks about going from nothing to something. "Cameras" is also about gaining popularity.

Look the album has a decent start for about 3 songs but it falls the hell off of a cliff and becomes more and more boring as it goes along. While it's fine to comment on making it to get riches and to speak on the spoils of war, but when you never tell how you got there or what you're coming from it becomes annoying. There is nothing wrong with feel good rap but every single song has the same structure and Wiz singing like a more talented Kid Cudi or that guy who sang the hook on Jay-z's last single. While I actually don't think Wiz ever whines like Drake does, at the end of the album I felt like he needs some testosterone and to put the "J" down and clear up for a minute.

Rating: 2/5


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