Making a Mockery of rap

Now I've touched on the Lil B subject as well as Mysonne and his reaction which I share, but here we have someone whose videos have been on worldstar for a while now as "MTV Riff Raff". If you don't know, Jamie Foxx produced a show for MTV a couple of years back called from G's to Gents. In it, Fonzworth Bentley and a cast of hip-hop heroes attempted to rehabilitate a group of "G's" with the winner getting prize money. The show was like "Bad Girl's Club" with a purpose. Riff Raff was one of the guys on the show and afterward, he has become some sort of "rapper" and I use the term very loosely because this is more of the crap that is ruining the image of rap.

So I guess I'm the only person who sees Jamie Kennedy when I watch this huh? Even more reason why we need a hip-hop council to make sure shit like this never sees the light of day.


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