Pusha T

I was never a big Clipse fan when they first came out. Mostly I just saw the crack rap personas and thought "Why do i need them, the Lox is already out". Over time my feelings have changed on the issue. One reason is because Malice and Pusha are better rappers and song writers than Jada, Sheik, and Styles put together, bullshit titles that are self-given aside. The second is that they have moved away from so much Pharrell production and found a comfort zone with different producers providing a sound that is more like a movie score than a bunch of noises played from a keyboard that Skateboard P seems to always have. Just check out Pusha's single from his new mixtape.

The beat is serious and the lyrics fit well. I am amazed at how Pusha and Malice manage to spit coke rap yet add a little more to it than a Rick Ross or Fat Joe does in the way of slight phrasing and delivery that change the mere words into something more. For Pusha, his alliance with Good music and Kanye West can only serve to further that, a la Common and his resurgence. Hell, just the access to the producers and people that Kanye's name provides is a win for this guy. Hopefully, one of the most slept-on emcees of the last decade can start to get some real props.


  1. true this article highlights what i was thinking about Pusha T as well...his flow has suddenly upgraded not that it was wack before but he just seems to have a renewed confidence about him..
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