Involvement- Get Some

Now I have posted several times about how today's hip-hop artists are bullshit when it comes to what they do in the community. They can talk about how they want to inspire, even complain about Barack Obama yet all I see is video at the strip club or popping bottles in the wood paneled studio with blunts being passed around but very rarely do you see them doing anything remotely positive.

Now a lot of people hate 50 Cent and think he's just a bully or attention whore - well most rappers are the latter- but Fifty is putting some of his money where his mouth is with his new movement. While I am going to say he could probably get to his goal on his own, at least he is going forward with a plan to actually make an impact and do something.

Hopefully the website will indeed be more than just a holding page in the near future to help and promote this effort. I also would love to see some of his contemporaries either start or contribute to this goal of feeding 1 billion kids or just do something and make it public. Let everyone know that we all can do something to help and make things better for someone else


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