Worst line from The Carter IV

So I found another post through various sources about the Carter IV, but more specifically the 60 worst individual lines on the album. Since a lot of dudes like Wayne now this is a pretty good assessment of what he has been doing in the past few years. See a lot of people tell me I should like Wayne because they say I like lyrics-which is true, but the problem that I have always had with Wayne is his lack of context. With almost any other artist who just put out an album you wouldn't be able to just pick out 60 random bars because so many of them are interconnected. Wayne on the other hand, is at the forefront of a generation that says any and everything with no unifying theme.

If you look at my album review of the Carter IV and get to the summary at the end it would be evident about how I feel. Lyricism doesn't mean going punchline after punchline with nothing to bring them together, if that were the case, Canibus and Cassidy might be two of the best rappers of all time. Hell the Grind Time battle rappers would all be millionaires by now, but that's not the case, you have to be able to make a song. Even worse, there is the fact that when Wayne does have a hot line or two, he has sprinkled so much garbage around it, you can no longer appreciate what he did previously. In "6'7" the line that had everyone talking was:

"Real G's move in silence like lasagna." 

While that one line gets some excited (while others debate over whether or not the 'g' is actually  silent) there are plenty others that are just extra simple or just plain out right wack.

"Swagger down pat/ Call my shit Patricia" (From "6 Foot 7 Foot")
"Weezy F. Baby/ And the 'F' ain't for fear" (From: "Nightmares Of The Bottom")
"You don't want to start Weezy/ Cause the 'F' is for finisher" (From "6 Foot 7 Foot")
"Weezy F./ For 'Fuck you'" (From "How To Hate")
"The 'F' is for 'Fuck yourself'" (From: "Nightmares Of The Bottom")

"You faker than some titties/You get titty-fucked" (From "Intro")
 "Eat her 'til she cry/ Call that wine and dine" (From "She Will")
 "Just sit on my grill/ That's that tailgate for ya" (From "So Special")
 "I make her come first/ Then I follow the leader" (From "So Special")
 "Been fuckin the world/ And nigga I ain't come yet" (From "John")
 "I tried to fuck the world/ And couldn't even get aroused" (From "President Carter")
Aside from just being flat out lame at times, he also covers too many of the same things over and over again. Look how many times he talks about wanting to "fuck the world" and he does it on multiple songs on the same album which take away the meaning. Look I;m all with the punchlines, some of my favorite artists use them but they put them into context.
If you have never heard Joell Ortiz you need to. Look at Eminem's style where he stretches out one third of his verse with similes to describe one singular item. Take for example Ludacris where he will take one theme and hold it for an entire song. A lot of the newer generation considers that too simple, but it's much harder than it looks to keep a song compelling than it is to just randomly spout off on different topics in between.

I don't know if it's all the syrup or the fact he records too much for his own good but it seems as though Wayne is on the other side of that hill that resides at the top of the game. Starting with the ill-advised rock album until now there has been a gathering of momentum that he isnt really that nice and it's only a matter of time before Baby, Gudda-Gudda and everyone not named Nicki Minaj on Young Money will be in trouble.


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