Top 55 of all Time? - Part 3

I stopped off with an odd number because having like 11 or 12 posts for this might be a tad much suspense but I'm back with part 3 of the countdown.

43. Eve -  The pitbull in a skirt blew onto the scene with Ruff Ryders and threw down the female rap gauntlet. The last in the golden era for female rappers, Eve's first album was pretty good and the subsequent two solid but not great. She had the ability to make solid songs and hold her own up against the heavyweight guys of the double R camp. However she hasn't released any music in years and she could have because she was pretty good when she was on her game.

42. Lupe Fiasco - Lupe was highly anticipated coming out but he is signed to Atlantic Records aka the worst label for Rappers in history. When they're not pushing albums back, they're doing the worst marketing plans ever. That is neither here nor there now, because Lupe is generally well above average as a rapper and pretty good as a song writer. However sometimes he tries too hard to be that guy and loses a lot of followers in the explanation. He also is an attention whore and goes about it in the manner of Kanye but he isn't important enough to pull it off which negates what could be a really good amount of influence in the game.

41. Fat Joe - Joe Crack was pretty nice in the 90's when he first came out. Then Big Pun died, Joe moved to Miami and became a new artist to some and redundant to me. Joe is solid and has a decent catalog and an ability to make hits, pick beats and make street bangers. But when you've been in the game this long you should show some growth at some point, instead he faded out lyrically like 5 years ago and hasn't done anything worth noting other than try and beef with 50 Cent.

40. Raekwon - The Chef has had some lyrical darts in the past. The purple tape is a top 5 rap album of all time and Immobilarity, was underrated and under appreciated at its time. Since then Rae has had trouble conjuring up that same magic in Cuban Linx 2 and more independent solo and Wu Tang drops. He still can trade sharp barbs but his style has gotten a bit stale with time.

39. Lloyd Banks - Banks is a beast. His freestyles are on point and his first album is what Fabolous should have done the first time around. He has punchlines, a decent flow but his voice sometimes sounds strained. He is also probably the hardest worker in G-Unit, constantly putting out projects though before last year, he seemed to be done. He has come back and hit us more focused than ever and seems to be actually working at it now. Banks is one dude whom you could listen to spitting hundreds of bars.

38. Beanie Sigel - Even though Sigel pissed me off when he said he felt sorry for those who worked for rap because it was so easy for him, I couldn't help but bump his first album. It was true street hop from beginning to end with the exception of the lead single which wasn't even him, it was Jay-Z. Other than that Beans has shown an ability to paint vivid pictures of the street life he hasn't been able to escape. Jail time robbed him of time during the mid 2000's transition period which he sorely needed to continue his momentum. His collaborations with Jay-z and Scarface are hip-hop masterpieces of emotion, lyricism and rawness. He was the pit bull for the Roc as evidenced by his attacks on both Jadakiss and Nas when they went at Jay-Z. Too bad he wasn't able to turn his jail time into anything remotely as introspective as his first two albums.

37. Big Boi -  Sometimes the forgotten member of Outkast, Big Boi aka Daddy Fat Saxx was more of the stronger member of the group at first. While he is solid and better than a lot of rappers, standing next to Amdre 3 stacks can make many a MC seem stale. However if you listen closely, he often has some good things in his verses. Sometimes it's the speed of the flow while other times its the fact he is more talking about street life with a larger perspective than the more common trap rappers today he still gets slept on. Hopefully he can stop reaching when being featured on the newest generations songs and remain in his own persona which he does extremely well.


  1. if you don't get to the top ten I'm going to bash you over the head with the same hammer killa cam held on confessions of fire. I don't care about these losers, let's see that top ten!!!


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