Simply put this post is about an artist who was one of the next in line to blow around the time when Jadakiss was coming into his own and 50 Cent was beginning to get his shine on. Ironically, considered the next Shyne, Mysonne was on the sure fire path to stardom. Unfortunately, a jail stint put his career on hold and I for one thought this guy might not ever surface again. He got out and a couple of years ago, I thought Mysonne had gotten passed over by the game and that his time had passed. I mean he came back with the same late 90's talks of gangster exploits and reality rap but by now you had to relocate to Miami or Atlanta to make it in the game with a style like that.

Mysonne has persevered though and through the internet, World star hip-hop, and social media, has managed to rebuild a following and quite possibly, his career. His lyrics have gotten better probably because he actually does seem to have principles and while he may talk the gangster lifestyle, it has lost its meaning and weight with so many lame dudes getting into the game touting the same virtues and things that people like Mysonne and Maino actually have survived.

Now a couple of months ago, I posted a rant, speech, or whatever you might want to call it, from Mysonne about Lil' B and people of his ilk. Now Mysonne does have things he can improve on including being a more well-rounded mc and getting some polish but as far as content, right now he is in the zone where he really needs to be, keeping it real, speaking on his experiences, while trying to not just glorify his thugging past.

Let me know what you think about Mysonne. Is he coming back or just trying too hard to hold on?


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