Breezy, Bobby and Linsanity

February always sucks for hip-hop but since the album is a dying form, things are getting worse so I guess there will be more singles and mix tape reviews and hopefully much more of the social commentary related to the hip-hop world where it is relevant and hopefully to make you think.

So first let's talk about the Grammy's. Good show usual Grammy quality and mass confusion over the Nicki Minaj performance...who is running her career right now? Baby? That song was worse than Stupid Hoe and premiering it at that type of event was a terrible idea, all of the imagery aside was a totally bad move. The idea you're going to be as shocking as Lady Gaga is dumb because it has been done, be yourself. Then her first single "Starship" is unimaginative and boring but it might pick up since it does fit the mold.

Related to the Grammy's is Chris Brown still acting like a whiney little girl again. This is the reason i'm no longer a C. Breezy supporter, for every step he takes forward, he takes two back. Look dog, some people are going to always give you grief for hitting a woman, that's how it is. Rihanna can get back with you all she wants, what happened happened and you have to live with it, unfortunately, just when someone pushes that button which is the barometer of how you have grown or not, you prove that you haven't by responding negatively. If he had ignored the tweets-which shouldn't be that hard, you are a man after all- he would have earned points. But the fact is he didn't and continues to act like a petulant toddler. CM Punk sums it up perfectly.


In other Grammy news Whitney Houston is gone and the world is sad...maybe a little too sad. There are a lot of phoney people because no one was looking out for Whitney over the past decade or so. She is by far the greatest pop singer of all time and no one will ever be able to take that away from her, her legacy will remain for that always. However, I will not be a person who pretends as if the unfortunate things that happened in her life did not occur, because they did and it is even more important to use that as a lesson and grow from it. Whitney used drugs, they destroyed her golden voice and reputation, those are the facts just as the platinum records and great songs are.

One of the things I liked about Whitney was that she was always supportive of Bobby Brown and never really threw him under the bus to a huge extent as she could have done when they separated. Her family on the other hand, was not such. For such a group of "Christians" they seemed to be needling and trying to push his buttons in an effort to make him feel and look bad. Dude has his share of problems but many icons like him have had them, just look at Mike Tyson, another guy who was taken advantage of because of a lack of knowledge and an abundance of talent.

The final thing I'll address is the Jeremy Lin insanity that as taken over. Dude came out of nowhere to become a sensation and possible star for the Knicks who were in need of a spark. Unfortunately, within the discourse about him and his play there was an incident where a headline was taken out of context and someone was fired over alleged racism. After arguing with people about the absurdity of being so upset about this over the weekend, I was able to catch the replay of Stephen A. Smith on First Take who echoed my sentiments more appropriately than I could have so I will allow this to take over for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

I've brought this up before because I truthfully believe we are becoming too sensitive about every single thing so any small thing becomes a huge issue because no one is willing to back down off of the ledge of ridiculousness once they get up there. Everything isn't racist, some things just are what they are and maybe you should just err on the side of chilling out rather than spazz out and we could actually make some progress.


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