Most disappointing rappers of all time

While having a top 10 discussion on facebook and one of the statements of course involved Canibus when LL was brought up. Canibus was one of the nicest dudes to every put lyric to mic however, he is one of the most disappointing because he didn't have anything close to a career. But that led me to think who are the biggest letdowns when it comes to rappers.

1. Jadakiss- a lot of people have Jada in their top lists, not I. Kiss has one of the best rap voices and all of the ability, however, his flow is completely lazy, and his lyrics have taken steps back since he was first coming out in the game. His subject matter hasn't grown up and with all of the fan support he has been able to get he should have been the ascension to the top behind Jay-z for New York rappers. But he didn't.

2. Fabolous - If it wasn't Kiss, it should have been Fab who has the buttery smooth delivery and simple yet witty ability to make real punchlines and fit in on each and every track. While he stars on guest appearances and can spit some heat on "freestyles" his songs have never been the best nor has he ever really shared his personality on the track.

This is a song people seem to like...I'm not sure why.

3. Cassidy - If not those two, Cassidy should have been a top artist in hip-hop. Cassidy had lyrics in buckets, a battle pedigree, video embarassing another mainstream artist, big name production backing and the ability to make some hit singles and get respect, yet it never worked. Maybe it was his propensity for talking greasy while looking like a cabbage patch kid, or the actual murder trial he faced, or the accident he came back from...wait a minute that's all the stuff rappers talk about and make it. At this point I just think it must be his attitude or something because he shouldn't be on the back of a milk carton.

4. Memphis Bleek - If you had the backing of Jay-z and were the first other person on Roc-a-fella you would have expected to be huge. In decoded, Jay tells of part of Bleeks problem, a lack of work ethic after the release of Coming of Age. Bleek was never going to be the best lyrically, but he could have gotten better like lil wayne did over time but didn't. The failure of "Round Here" to take him to the next level marked the end of the road for the hungry BK rapper.

5. Canibis - Canibis is more frustrating because he couldn't even put together one complete record. It didn't even have to sell, it just had to be solid and make sense. Unfortunately, bis packed a bunch of stuff onto his first album and had most people with the "wtf" face. Following that he decided to attack Eminem and by the second song he made from Stans perspective, the WTF face had returned.

6. Obie Trice - A lot of people weren't checking for Obie because of his first single - which i found a little different and humorous- and his affiliation with Eminem. However, the first album was serious and full of solid material for both the streets and the radio. Unfortunately, he didn't gain any momentum from it and his second album was a major disappointment and soon after he was dropped with the rest of the Shady roster.

7. Young Buck - This isn't all of his fault because 50 did submerge him for getting to high off the hog ealry and falling victim to the fame. Straight out of Cashville was a very good album from start to finish and had a good mix of being southern with some northern influences, good singles and solid content. He also stood out on the G-Unit album, but unfortunately, things outside of music brought him down, from taxes to label issues. I still would like to see Buck put together one more solid effort and not just a street mixtape about selling dope.

8. Ma$e - When Big died, Mase assumed the mantle as the artist on Bad Boy. The Lox were embroiled in drama and Mase who had been making noise since he was in Children of the Corn with Cam'ron and Big L dropped Harlem World, ushering in the era of bling. He had mostly hollow content but his flow and bars combined with Puff's direction had people thinking that Bad Boy would never be stopped. However Double up was certified garbage can lid and then mase left to join the church. No problem, but then he came back and while he had a decent couple of clean songs on "Welcome Back" we were left hopeful- at least I was, for a decent rapper with music i could listen to with kids in the car. Finding failure in that, Mase tried to hook up with 50 and revive his murder persona which failed miserably and Betha once again disappeared.

9. Rah Digga - I'm digging in the crates for this one, Dirty Harriet was the only female member of the Flipmode squad and the bets artist other than Busta Rhymes, and it was by a wide margin. She had some real lyrics and punchlines and should have had some better singles and opportunities looking at who she was affiliated with and the strong base support that she had. The bad thing, Busta managed her career to a large extent and she never had a stable label situation to build from and quickly fell out of the mainstream before pulling back from the industry altogether.

10. Mos Def - Mos is always one of those guys I am going to listen for because he has content, he also has ability. He just doesn't have consistency or will it seems to just settle in and make a good album. His ealry work was sparkling if a little rough around the edges but it was fine, however as the acclaim grew and the people clamored for more, he has failed to deliver, putting out half-hearted efforts and just doing too much experimentation and not enough of what was destined to make him a stellar mc.

like lyrics on point but delivery is wtf....

Who is on your most disappointing rapper team?


  1. Mos Def disappointing...really?

  2. Umm, yes. Mos could be great because he has the ability to drop poignant rhymes, have different rhymes schemes be both political and hood at the same time, yet that is far and in between. So often it could be greatness then i feel he gets bored within the verse himself before its even finished.

  3. Have you ever listened to Canibus's albums? They are outstanding and every single one is solid. It's hard to discuss taste but I think you're dead wrong about him. Where a lot of great rappers of the 90's have either quit or turned very bad Canibus is still very consistent. To me he's the best MC after K-Rino.

  4. WTF is a K-rino? Yes I listened to Canibus at his hottest in his hey-day and I'll say this. Dude didn't live up to the hype. it was rather unfortunate and even more recently...well you saw what has happened to him.

  5. Ja Rule is my most disappointing rapper considering his first album Venni Vetti Vecci. Dude really sold out quick!!!

  6. Be careful a lot of dudes still love Rule. I know they're happy he's out.


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