M.I. A-hole?

So I'm late on this slightly because I didn't really see the initial incident while watching the Superbowl. All I noticed was the seconds late blurring by the production crew then the backlash on the news this morning. Now of course, just as I didn't think Janet's nipple was a big deal, I don't really think this was one either for the most part but there are small things that lend themselves to larger issues that i take exception to. I understand MIA is supposedly a rebel and represents the counter-culture of the moment, but her actions were reckless, selfish, and foolish.

The Super bowl half time show has never been a ground breaking event but it does serve as a sort of lifetime achievement award. The most memorable one to me was of course Micahel Jackson at the Rose Bowl. Side note- look at the stadium, no suites just regular seats with everyone together.

Honestly, since the Janet Jackson fiasco, there was a concerted effort by the NFL to tone down the performances, going with classics like Springsteen and Prince. Last year the Black Eyed Peas were able to get the gig and incorporate Usher bringing some younger flavor to the show but it was still very tame which it should be, it's the Super Bowl not an HBO special or club date designed to push the envelope. This year Madonna who has a new album coming out got the nod and put on a decent show, involving Cee-Lo, Nicki Minaj and the aforementioned MIA. Unfortunately, being as though there were three people of color on stage who all represent the same younger generations and style of music. For many people watching MIA represents hip-hop. What her actions did was prove what many people already thought about the hip-hop community, that it is ignorant. When you wonder why newer more exciting artists aren't doing half time look at MIA.

Now another perspective being overlooked is the poor people who work in the production booth who work for months on the half time show and now will be remembered for this one stunt. It isn't fair to them nor any of the other people who worked and prepared for this to have their memory marred by this woman's selfish act.

Look, I don't get MIA and don't particularly like her music or her style and this doesn't help a person like me gravitate towards her or even want to understand her. For her, what was the point of the middle finger? Why would she betray the trust of Madonna and the people who watched her practice? What is the context of this nonsense? Moreover what is it you don't give a shit about and why is that cool? That may the bigger issue for me, how many people agree with her and just no longer care or give a damn. Why is that the new generations attitude? Things are bigger than just you and your little ego. The world is much larger than you are.

Look political messages should be made. You should stand for things but there is a time and a place and I find that too many people today look at themselves and feel that any and everywhere is the time to make a stand. Kanye has done it twice and both times though I find him personally wrong, I was more bothered by the setting and place in which he did make his statements. The way I see it, a whole generation of people are busy feeling that they are important enough to make any wild statement and have the public run with it. Build your respectability by having a strong simple and well-thought out message. After doing that, just be smart about when you're going to promote your agenda and make a statement.

I'm not saying I have to agree with everyone but at least be able to support your position and be smart about it. Just talking for the sake of talking isn't a good idea. Be aware and use your head. They say any attention is good attention however I have to disagree because I won't ever support this young lady ever myself and she won't even get the chance to earn that.


  1. Get the -middle finger- out of here. I personally didn't notice until people made a big deal about.

    The reality is: every single day on our TVs we see murders, robberies, guns, explosions, hear cursing, homosexual relationships, and on and on and on...

    And people are crying foul over a middle finger? Really? Priorities people. What will effect your children more? A middle finger during Super Bowl, by artists who they shouldn't even listen to because of their oversexualised manner (Madonna & Nicki) and one who isn't extremely mainstream (the offender MIA) OR go around shooting and robbing and blowing things up.

  2. The thing is the performance wasn't that sexual. I was more upset because of the manner in which she did it. She obviously hid it and then pulled it out blatantly trying to get a rise and thats the bigger issue. Her not caring about this rule is endemic of those who don't care about the laws end up being those guys on the news. You're right there are bigger issues but this is what happened during the game overshadowing it.


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