Lil Wayne is Hip-hops Miley Cyrus

I know it's been a while but the problem is there just isn't as much to talk about and really reach into a different direction as far as discussion. However a new thought popped up when I logged on to World star and saw like four new videos with Weezy (in which he says absolutely nothing of value). One of these he is rocking his skater gear and showing off his skating skills and rocker style image. I wanted to throw up.

Pretty much at the same time, there has been a slight furor over what Miley Cyrus wore to Sunday's Billboard Music Awards - which I didn't even think about turning on. When talking about it, local radio personality and morning show host, Mickey Cucciella of 98 Rock here in Baltimore wondered aloud what the problem was since she was just doing what pop stars her age do. It got me to thinking and he has a point, most of the reason we have trouble with Miley's new direction and personality is because we have watched her as a Disney Child and how she behaves or lives now doesn't quite jibe with the idea of her we had already created for her in our heads. Lindsay Lohan has the same issue.

Now here is where I have to give Wayne some type of credit for growing up and becoming an individual who was different from when he burst onto the scene as a 16/17 year old (nationally) with the Hot Boys in late 1999 some time. Where is is now is radically different and I would have never foreseen him becoming the biggest name in hip-hop at any point, and definately as dominating as he has been over the last 5 years or so. The skinny pants and jeggings, that's not my style, I'm older and never was that trendy. The skateboarding and the dabbling in rock and roll are all acceptable evolutions in personality and creativity so to a certain extent it is all good. However, one of my largest issues with Wayne is the way he arrogantly pushes himself as an expert because he is fully investing his time into an activity. That doesn't mean your a pro or that you deserve to be taken seriously. For a month in 8th grade I was determined to become some type of boxer but thinking about getting hit changed that. For two years I was working to be a journalist, as a college student, a radio producer, none of that panned out but at the time I could say I was as serious as I could be with limited resources and time.

Now if Wayne keeps up with the skateboarding and really goes and hits the ramps without cameras and an entourage and works and gets the same scars as anyone else learning how to do ollies and kick flips good for him and much respect. However other changes, such as his ridiculous devotion to promoting the Bloods and gnag-banging have got to stop. This is a guy we watched on television, never really leaving the eye of publicity long enough to enjoy some long gang career that he can brag about now. I can't buy or believe this new character he has become. But people who weren't listening to rap until 'The Dedication 3' don't know about 'Block is Hot Wayne'. This is the way they have always seen him so it works and they believe it all hook, line, and sinker. It's like people who know Ice-T as the guy with the phat white woman and on Law and Order but not for his initial contributions to the gangster rap era. People who only know Michael Jackson as the weird guy who called his baby Blanket. There is a disconnect from the beginning to the current career that needs to be fixed so someone with the potential of Wayne can reach it. It's not his fault that he isn't what I want him to be, I'm different, I saw something from the beginning and the bulk of people who are fans came through during the midst of his evolution and said that was enough so he figured it was.

It's hard to watch someone grow up and change, especially if what they turn into doesn't match the vision that you had of them as you watched them progress. At some point you have to accept that for just what it is.


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