Saigon gets outed - for putting people on blast

Saigon who put out a vastly underrated independent album last year just made the news again for comments he made to about his music in compared to the nonsense that has been coming out recently. Now Sai has been long considered a critic of current hip-hop culture and the direction it has been heading in for quite a while. If you listen to the Greatest Story Never Told, it reflects his ability to be real, talk about how people are living without glamorizing it or making it seem like the way out without consequence.

So when SOHH put out a column and used the quotes from Saigon that in part singled out Rick Ross for his continued glamorization of crack rap, and Big Sean for just being wack, it shouldn't have created much controversy. However, Saigon apparently had speakers remorse and vehemently denied making such comments on twitter, claiming to be mis-quoted and taken out of context. Well after listening- I gotta say - Sai is lying.

Listening to that audio you can easily see that he still harbors frustrations over not being able to get out to the masses while Ross and Sean can be heard loud and clear every day on your favorite stations while his brand of hip-hop has to find alternate channels to get distribution. Honestly, it's not a bad thing because he has made a way to get himself out there with plenty of thanks to the internet and new media solutions. It's great he can still have a career and put out relevant hip-hop that this generation really needs. But he has to stand up for what he says as that is one of the key reasons to listen to a Saigon.

Saigon's entire point is that he is official, he's been there and done it, and seen things which he won't sugarcoat for you. He'll tell you the drug game is a trap where no one wins and he'll also tell you that you cannot trust these preachers to help you cause most of them are out to line their own pockets. He is supposed to speak out against artists like Ross and Big Sean who haven't done anything to add to the culture or help out the community. He shouldn't be playing the PR game and just trying to get along to get along. Speak up because you are a true leader, one who gets the respect of many and who can still be bold enough to go against the status quo to make a difference.


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