The MMG Press Conference

I can admit it, I'm hating these dudes right now because they have shit on lock and it's Ricky Rawse. Dude is huge, every song is the same and there is no substance to his music yet it is very catchy. Funny thing is I cannot believe this is the first time someone has done something like this to announce the albums coming up. I mean I see Ciroc on the back drop so you know Puff is involved but I am very surprised he hasn't done anything like this for his new wack ass Bad Boy lineup.

Yeah, I'm hating these dudes, they announcing mix tape releases like they're albums. I will check out the new Meek Mill joint though. My other question is who the hell are all of these people who are attending this anyway? Really? It's just some damn rap records. Even funnier is the fact that Omarion is signing to Maybach. You want to know what that means, someone else is about to blow up and Meek better hurry up and get that album out because these retread moves always indicate the downward spiral of a label, staff, and a mothafuckin crew.


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