Stereotypes are Awesome - the weak meme

So I've been seeing this dumb ass picture for a while now but it seems to have picked up steam again for some reason. This is one of those things a lot of black people are trying to put out there when talking about judging people or looking at someone to see what kind of person they are before you know them. Now I'm not trying to say that Snoop is the worst person in the world but this doesn't really speak to the truth either.

You see, just because you are a felon, doesn't mean you are a completely bad person, nor does the fact you  may not have any felonies mean that you are a bad person per se. It could mean that you just haven't been caught. Or it could mean that any crime you may have been convicted of was plead down, or not considered a felony, but in the end there are things that are 'worse' than others. We would probably all agree that Martha Stewart being convicted of insider trading, especially in her case, isn't as bad at least on our level as someone convicted of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.

This also does not address the impact of their careers and what they go out and present to the public and those who consume their goods/services. Martha Stewart bakes cookies and designs home furnishings and gives you party ideas. Snoop talks about being a gang member, selling dope, pimping women, and plenty of sexual endeavors. Which thing do you think is more detrimental to society as a whole? Just the ideas that are presented are so vastly different and guess what, they fit just what you would expect. Snoop just got arrested, albeit briefly, for having weed. Doesn't he look like he does drugs? Yep.

So Snoop is a rapper I get that and most rappers generally talk mostly about negative things and the less socially acceptable ways of making it but that does not excuse the detriment to society that said lyrics can cause. The stereotypes I get about Snoop still exist and it while I would be wrong in a snap assumption that an older white woman like Martha Stewart doesn't have a record, it doesn't take away or remove any of the things I would think about The Doggfather that would end up being true.


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