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Friday, July 27, 2012

This what happen to rappers when they get old?

So a few months back there was a flap about Mobb Deep and Havoc tweeting about Prodigy, his partner in crime for well over a decade. There were questions about the man's sexuality and afterward Havoc claimed that someone had stolen his phone and they weren't his tweets. Now just today, I see this on World Star...

So first of all you went on twitter and tried to air your boy out, lied about it, now you're trying to tell everyone not to air their grievances on twitter. Way to be a street dude and a role model for masculinity Havoc.

Here is a link to the actual tweets courtesy of Dajaz1.com

This is another example of keeping it real going beyond wrong and it's a shame to see these dudes go out like this.


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