Artists are over emotional now

Now these guys all want to be known as tough guys but it's funny because it's always the ones trying to prove that they aren't punks who end up in some ridiculous altercation over something completely absurd. Who else remembers Young Berg's multitude of incidents which included getting his chain taken and getting slapped by Maino. This comes to light even more in light of recent events including Lil Wayne's tirade and one by Wale while at a basketball game.

Let's talk about Lil' Wayne quickly because in his plethora of excuses he pretty much admits that he is sensitive because Dwayne Wade said that "we don't fuck with you" after he sat court side and was apparently heckling Chris Bosh. So let me see, you are that pressed that you get upset and carry that with you for a couple of weeks because someone doesn't like. You're not entitled to have someone like you because you're Wayne.

He also talks about how the NBA told Gerald Green they would prefer if he not use Wayne in any of his attempted dunks during the dunk contest. Wayne doesn't want to acknowledge this but he also has a history if issues at NBA games, just last year he wasn't allowed into a playoff game for the Oklahoma City Thunder and had a pissy tirade. Do you really think the NBA wants its image to be impacted by this guy who is a walking stereotype on disliking the young (although we are the same age) to be highlighted like this? Nope. Wayne has to realize at some point, there are a lot of people who don't give two shits about who he thinks he is.

Let me not forget Wale, who while at a Wizards and Raptors game was seen by the announcers trash talking Rudy Gay. When one announcer said "he's no Drake" and intimated that it would be on twitter, the fact that he as an announcer didn't know who he was. Wale then approaches this announcer during the game creating an unnecessary confrontation I guess in an attempt to show him who he was and that he's no punk. It's funny because it's a wizards game it had to be one of Wale's 8 friends who were watching the game to see him sitting court side cause no one is checking for the Wizards who texted Wale and alerted him to the clowning because this followed.

Nothing funnier though, than the announcer's playing him by saying "hey there, he came to speak". Guess what Wale, no one fears you buddy, calm down. You're a clown and it is such childish behavior to go at some guy who isn't even about that life much like you, but at least he isn't pretending to be. What is the point of this? Is this how people get street cred now? Is this is what you have to do if you're in MMG and not as utterly off your meds as Gunplay? Yet it gets worse.

Here he is now threatening to fight fans, after his big ass security has him comfortably stuffed inside an Escalade for safety. The fan is funny because once again Wale becomes the picture of walking failure when he says to the rapper, "You have to much money for this we were just tryna get a picture of your bitch ass". Well damn, not only did he school him on the main reason Wale needs to chill but then he called him a bitch and truthfully, everything he had done to that point was prove that was indeed what he was or is.

You see rappers are so often trying to put on that untouchable front. They are all street smart and came up tough in the streets, even though, they all didn't. Guess what that's fine, unless you still feel like there is something missing and you dont believe people will actually like you for who you are. You cannot go around and having these temper tantrums. What's worse is that this speaks to a sad state of affairs for men when guys are allowed to think that this is an acceptable way to react. There is too much to be thankful for to be so angry at these perceived instances of disrespect that actually aren't hurting you. Whether you like it or not, there are those who look up to you so you need to make an attempt to carry yourself in the manner befitting of a man. By the way, donating money and giving to charity isn't what makes you a man. Buying yourself goodwill isn't going to change you, and as Lil Wayne put it, this is him, an asshole who really only cares about himself and his 'feelings'.


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