Pusha -T Wrath of Caine

So I have been a fan of Pusha since the last Clipse album and his past few years and bars I have been riding with, so last week he released a new mixtape, Wrath of Caine. Overall, it's more of the same and slightly disappointing though I knew I would come to this moment where he reached his limit of subject and ability.

"Millions" with Rick Ross sounds just how you would expect on a song where Rozay is featured. The song is straight but neither rapper does more then settle into their comfort zone. I can respect it though Ross does mail in his last four bars. The French Montana hook on "Doesn't Matter" just outright sucks and is a wasted of time.

"Blocka" is my shit though. The video, shot in the roughest areas of Jamaica is the perfect image of what Pusha aims to represent, the hook by Popcaan is simple but effective and the bass driven beat is a great mix of grime and still offers the chance for Push to spit off. "Revolution" is weak. He tries to do something different but it isn't that original, he really should have passed on this Neptunes track and found another one because none of this song works. Neither does "Trust Me" which is for the ladies but the auto tune is not well done and annoying.

I like the track on "Take my Life" though the bars are just average from Push. The freestyle from Ab-Liva should have been eliminated, Liva is not who I want to hear from, ever.

Overall, Pusha has a solid mix tape but there are only a couple of sure fire listens, some definite misses and mostly average material I won't remember in a week or two and this is part of the problem with today's rap. Pusha should be working right now to really craft a solid album with fourteen thoroughly vetted songs rather than just record and put out this mix tape.

Rating: 2.5/5


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