Wayne is going off the deep end...

By now we all know about Lil Wayne's tirade against the NBA and the Miami Heat specifically during this past All-Star weekend in Houston. Apparently he is tired of getting kicked out of stadiums and games. Charlamagne The God of Power 105.1 the Breakfast Club awarded him the "Donkey of the Day" award again.

I must agree with this because it was just crazy for Wayne to behave in this manner supposed to be an adult and acting like a "scorned groupie" as was said. I also have another issue with the fact he goes on stage and calls out a bunch of professional athletes then says he is street so it's not supposed to be something online and internet related. However what exactly does he expect to happen, have Chris Bosh run up on him at the stop light and let off into his car? It's calling out someone he knows won't and really can't do anything. It just looks petty and seems to mark the begin of his decline. As Charlamagne puts it, so we are to assume that you won't be attending any more sporting events huh. Even worse is that he has Drake and Birdman cosigning for him in this nonsense instead of someone telling him he makes no sense.


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