Joe Budden - No Love Lost

So i'm not sure if this is an official release, EP, Mix Tape, or what but Joe is one of the more prolific rappers of this generation, and more than most he is able to spit while still having content. That speaks to the amount of turmoil in his life and constant motion that he is in. He dropped a mix tape in the fall after a Slaughterhouse album and mix tape so he stays busy. The other thing, which is less fortunate is his inclusion on Love and Hip-Hop which to this point, has been a career lowlight for rappers and he is the one in the best position leading into the show, none of this has that much to do with the album but it is worth noting being that he will have a new audience due to the show for this release.

The intro to the album has a perfect Budden-type beat but he refrains for spitting over it instead waiting until "Top of The World" which features the best chorus I have heard to date from Kirko Bangz and it isn't a bad song at all. In fact for those who don't know Joe it is an excellent introduction to what he's about. Long time collaborator Emanny is featured on "You and I' a track for the ladies where Joe is sweet talking about how the relationship with him is, it's alright but not ultra great. "Castles" I'm not a fan of either and the track sounds like left over Drake/Wayne music.

Now, classic Joe Budden is "All in My Head" which features singer Kobe and Royce da 5'9. Same is follows with "Skeletons" and its no wonder, it features the other Slaughterhouse members, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. In odd collabs, Wiz Khalifa and French Montana both feature on "N.B.A." (Never Broke Again) which is that shot at appeasing the new generation who are fans of these two guys. The beat is cool, it's a decent change of pace but I would only have had French or Wiz, but not both, however, dudes in dark tinted whips who listen to trap music will bump this. They also may be listening to "Last Day" with Juicy J and Lloyd Banks, not me however.

 "She Don't Put it Down" with Lil Wayne and Tank is a typical track tailored to the women and sounds formulaic and they waste the majority of Tank's abilities. SLV sings on "Tell Him Something" where Joe tells a woman to tell her man whatever she wants to, but let him know how Joe is better. "Switch Positions" is about just that with Omarion as the feature. "Runaway" is more of Joe but the hook and beat are a bit cluttered and cover up too much of the actual lyrics. "My time" is another quality song it takes more than one listen to get but the hook is muddled and boring though some might feel it, the verses aren't bad at all though. The "Outro" is above average, it is a continuation of the way the beat in the intro was building and Joe goes ahead and does his normal rap thing. There is also a remix of "She Don't Put it Down" with Fabolous and Twista.

Overall, the album is better on a second listen. When I reference typical Joe you have to understand, that typical Budden is better than your favorite rapper because it has more passion and lyricism than the average rapper, so it isn't a bad thing by any means. Now, there are some serious reaches on the album which are probably there to get some of that Love and Hip Hop market to pay attention but "N.B.A." and "Last Day" just don't fit overall what Joe does the best. I think as a tie in with his current gig, this works as an album, yet as a long time fan, I would have liked a little more time to pass so Joe could have really dived into this with a larger amount of life experience.

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. What's an example of a rated 5/5 album or mixtatpe? Because I've read some of your posts where you bash the artist's album and end of giving them a 2.5/5 rating. And I know you're a huge Joe Budeen fan, so I'm kind of confused.

  2. lol I guess you shouldn't consider it bashing though and more of pointing out spots where things could have been better. A 2.5 is average and a 5 would be an undeniable classic. I think I gave Wale attention deficit a 4 and I think I rated Nas a 4 or 4.5 same thing with Common and maybe Lupe all came close. I don't think there has been a hip-hop classic since college dropout though.

  3. It's still a pretty dope mixtape, Joe Budden has always been skillful

  4. Dang I guess I need to check this out...great review btw



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