Do The Billboards respect hip-hop?

I can't even lie and pretend like I knew that the Billboard Awards were even coming on. As I have grown older a lot of these award shows have lost meaning for me. Grammy's, VMA's, hell the BET Awards still bother me because they go too far to cater to what I think is nonsense and buffoonery and many of our artists don't seem to take them seriously. Really when is the last time you saw someone wear a suit to a BET award show that was the celebration of gospel? (No, Steve Harvey doesn't count).

But let's get back to Sunday's Billboard music awards, where the rap category was the firts award of the evening and gotten out of the way early on. I don't even think that the show was full;y on before Nicki Minaj was walking off-stage with an award. I'm fine with it because Billboard marks sales and spins but they didn't even get to the first commercial break before I had no reason to watch the show. Then Shania Twain was the presenter, and while her wrists were ridiculously blinged out, it really did seem odd. They couldn't have at least asked Brad Paisley to do it?

Now beyond that, let's take a quick look at the candidates which is what really threw me for a loop.

Drake - Makes sense
Nicki Minaj - Makes Sense
Flo Rida - Really?
Pitbull - Seriously
Psy - WTF!!!

So you're telling me that to get Psy worked into the award show they had to slide him into the rap category? I get it, he can shill Pistachios, rap fans don't watch the billboards so we can throw him in and get the award out of the way early and no one will know. We know, we all saw this nonsense, it's disrespectful. Just looking of this is crazy. Maybe I'm wrong though, so here's a question, do you think Psy is a rap artist?

side note- the Miguel Meme is hilarious.


  1. In South Korea, Psy is considered a rapper. Without knowing the language, the cadence of his lyrics is like rap, even though he's singing in the hook (which is becoming more a more common in rap these days)

  2. Psy is a rap artist in the way MC Hammer was a rap artist.

  3. I still would consider him a pop star not a rapper.


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