Kanye West - New Slaves

So i'll probably end up with some hate messages because I'm about to un-dick ride some of you from this Kanye New Slaves joint. I finally sat back and listened and checked the lyrics (thanks youtube) and of course, being Kanye the song should be studied and scrutinized, I mean that's a testament to his ability to be provocative and his skill level. First of all, the theme is about being caught up in consumer culture and being the new slaves. A working class of young predominantly black youths who while not kept in captivity, are used by a rich class.

The song is fine, but I want to examine it because Kanye is an artist trying to say something. Now he talks about the perception all us blacks want the same things, fine clothes, jewelry and nice cars and to a large extent for him to paint it as if it isn't hip-hop culture doing this. Just look at himself and plenty of the other artists he considers friends, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Birdman, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz. All of them promote a lifestyle full of these same things he wants to have us point the finger at the elite for assuming we desire. It would seem to be true when artists like Talib Kweli, Common, and Wale struggle to remain relevant when talking about actual subject matter that affects us daily. This is not to say all of the music we hear needs to be socially responsible, but why and how is it Kanye can get such recognition for a song like "New Slaves" when Wale's "Shades", "DC or Nothing", Nas' "Daughters" either get minimal play or ignored totally. We all have a part to play in this and it bothers me when people try to point to someone else for these perceptions when we reinforce the stereotypes every day.

Now he also talks about those of our community who are constantly saying he is in the New World Order or Illuminatti because he is successful. I have to agree with him here. These kinds of statements are a distraction from real issues that we could solve and an excuse for the hard work he has put in to get to his position. I cannot take that away from him. Corporate prisons are terrible, but can we focus on doing the things that will keep us out of the penal system completely and on doing positive things?

The entire part about the paparazzi and such made me yawn because for someone whose life is built on having people look at him I don't want to hear you whine about the attention. You know how come some celebrities don't have these problems, because they chill out, do normal things and have learned to accpet they will be looked at and don't spazz out at random instances. They want you to spazz so then they have a new story. You know, we know it yet you fall for it, you're the dummy. Corporations...controlling Kanye, because they are tying themselves to you and you tying yourself to them for the money and support they bring but you don't want to take their wants into consideration? Fine, don't have any sponsors for your show cause they aren't doing it for kindness, they do it for exposure.

But those are more personality issues I have with Ye. He wants his cake but no one else can even have a piece of theirs.The only other issue I have with the song is his lazy points when he talks about the Hampton Spouse and the Blood on the leaves portions. The repetition seems incredibly lazy to me when in music you have a chance with each line to either explain your position or add some extra depth to it and Ye is perfectly capable of doing such. it's a good song and hopefully going to lead to another excellent album from Kanye and I appreciate the point in today's climate but there are I have some slight issues with this song overall. What do you think about New Slaves?


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