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One thing I have been trying to refrain from doing is respond negatively when someone sends some BS my way through e-mail asking for a feature. I have always felt saying nothing said a lot but I've decided to start changing that. Now my aim isn't to crush as many people as possible, but to provide feedback to as many people as possible and an opportunity for the people who read this blog to be exposed to something new and just maybe be on the early edge of some of these things.

First off is a new video from a dude I had on here before, Brad Russell. He is a talented rapper from Maryland . In the vein sort of  as artists like Lecrae, Brad Russell keeps his verses clean and has an underlying theme of respect, learning, and the word of God though he isn't preachy. Check him out and let me know what you think.

Now, in contrast to Mr. Russell there is Third Mind, from New Jersey who sent me something that is supposed to be a mix of hip-hop and electronic that I cannot deal with. I was specifically sent their song "Peter Frampton" which sounds like trash can lids being beat and not in a good way. Even worse was the fact that lyricists GRMC and Scribe were all over the track in and off-beat in various ways and lyrics that were run of the mill and unoriginal. There was way too much going on on all of their other songs as well

Submitted via our Facebook Fan Page is a song from Jay Newz called "Rock To This" which is somewhere in the middle of the previous two songs. It isn't anything spectacular by any means but it is a solid song just in time for the summer, made perfect for the cookout time of year. A West Coast native I could see more from this young artist as he continues to develop. In fact listening to some of the other songs from his The Fly Ones Mixtape does show some promise so go grab it and check that out as well. Click here for his website.


  1. Appreciate that support brother. #Paradigm.O.A.B.Portrait

  2. I'd like to submit my song Already Lost. You can find it here:

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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