Album Review - Mac Miller - Watching Movies With the Sound Off

I can admit I like Mac Miller. He is entertaining can rap a little bit and stays in his lane, just having some fun and not really getting too carried away with being a rapper itself and getting out of himself. His first album was ok, not really great, but Blue Slide Park had it's moments. He was also riding a wave of momentum and had several videos and youtube, along with the recent success of similar rapper Wiz Khalifa to help propel him. This time, he is more on his own so let's see how Mac Miller's new album "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" is in this review.

Mac immediately gives you the vibe of the album, it's pretty mellow, with "The Star Room". It's a bit trippy and it starts and ends with some unique effects placed on his vocals. "Avian" is another slow track that just feels like syrup and sprite poured onto the record as Mac raps...and I'm assuming it's like he's high cause that's what I take from it. He sounds like a less erratic version of Eminem in a way. "S.D.S." has one of the most confusing tracks I've heard in a while I can't get with it.

"Bird Call" is Mac just talking greasy to a random chick he is about to bang. "Objects in the Mirror" is the good old fashioned I could take care of you type of song. The chicks who smoke weed with the guys from school as they party and pop mollies might be fans of this. Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future and Vinny Radio are featured artists on "I'm Not Real" where Mac adds some bass to his voice and kind of raps like one of the Wolfgang, he isn't killing it but his bars don't 'suck' either. Ab Soul is with Mac on "Matches" which isn't about anything but at least the tempo on this song changes up slightly over the decidedly down feeling of the album. "Red Dot Music" features Action Bronson and "Gees" features Schoolboy Q.

What could be considered the title track "Watching Movies" sounds like it samples the music from one of the hundreds of thrillers that come out every year and once again, Mac isn't full of content but the beat is the best on the album. "Suplexes inside of Complexes and Duplexes" with Jay Electronica reminds me of some old Wu shit where it is live it or hate it. "Someone Like You" is Mac on his lover-boy best. "REMember" "Aquarium" and "Youforia" are pretty much all the same. More rap about nothing with ultra slow, mellow beats. Now if you opt for the bonus deluxe version you suddenly get a bunch of energy that is missing from the rest of the album with "Goosebumpz" and "O.K." which features Tyler the Creator in what would be the second best and third best songs on the album. You also get "Claymation".

Mac Miller is a guy I root for a little bit because I think his music is harmless fun but this album was thoroughly disappointing and underwhelming. The whole thing was so slow like it was made on syrup and weed. There are few of the fun moments that were on his first album. There is nothing topical and the randomness got annoying very early. One thing about being independent is that you don't have to do anything you don't want, one of the downsides however is that you lack the direction from someone at a label who would let you know they need some way to sell the album. If you're a hardcore Miller fan you will like it, but the rest of us will bypass this rather quickly.

Rating: 1.5/5


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