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I know I've missed a couple of weeks but between lack of desire and injury I had to take a little break. However I am back and ready to get right into it.

First of all I was not looking forward to listening to Turny Spookatti because of the name. I mean that doesn't really inspire too much confidence, sorry. but I held my breath as I clicked onto the soundcloud link for "Letter to My Love" . The song actually isn't bad but it wasn't much in the way of actual lyrics, however the feel was right on point and the track was pretty good. I could see this getting real spin somewhere and the guitars were a nice touch. But the thing that inspired me was "Ready For War"  which i heard on the rest of his soundcloud. Now it's not that its the most original or best song, but it showed pretty solid competence which led me to believe that Letter to My Love wasn't a fluke. Now the hook could have used some work but it's all solid. Get more here :

Found something interesting by two artists called Jayda and Vinny Blaq called "The Only One" . This song is kind of formulaic in an attempt to be positive and uplifting. Those songs can be hard to create but this is interesting because Vinny is from Pittsburgh and Jayda is a German singer. The chorus is kind of floaty and not really mixed the best as it could be to be as tight as could be, and Vinny's second verse is a tad simple but it might be worth a quick listen. adding to the international flavor, the song's producer, J Browning is from Canada.

Now let me say this, I understand you want promotion but if you have an artist or are an artist who is raw, maybe you need to wait before you try to get press. 'Identity Withheld' sent me a few artists but had a specific e-mail for Tara Britt, who is described as a 17 year old poet/emcee. Now I get the poetry but emcee not so much. See young Tara may have potential to create songs and topics but she doesn't have a presence on the tracks I heard. She lacks rhythm and polish. The verses are incredibly uneven and are a detriment if she continues and shows some improvement. "What If" is very awkward to listen to and is trying to have a good message but unfortunately it doesn't work out because of the delivery and what you can hear is inexperience with recording.

As always take a listen to these songs and let me know what you think about them.


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