Independent Spotlight

Going through the e-mails again and this week might be a good one.

First up I would say Mac Miller watch out because the Future Heroes are now here. These two white boys from Colorado are next up in the feel good and get high music segment. The first song I heard sampled Tevin Campbell's hit for group members Mars and Ken Deezy to just get it in with some songs about the party having fun and getting high. and while that all might not be this song, I went through several others and trust me, these two dudes know their weed.

I'm not a fan of the weed music myself but if Wiz and Currensy can have a career then these two guys with their varied sounds and solid, clean production have a future ahead of them assuredly. As far as lyrics go, it's hard when you don't have any directed topics or ideas other than sound good over the beat but it's not that they're wack or anything at all. Go and check "Bitch So Bad" on their soundclick.

So I felt like I might be tripping when I got the e-mail from Zee out of Florida. Another white emcee, this guy here is slightly different from the mellow vibe of the Future Heroes. This is decidedly "crunk" if that term applies, or rather new trap music with the heavy bass we get from the South these days. More strip club/selling dope type anthems (though without the drugs for the most part) I don't have any real complaints about this actually. It's generally well done even if lyrically it is unoriginal. It fits in to what is going as "hot" today. Get the mixtape from datpiff here.


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