Independent Spotlight

So sometimes I wonder if 2 chainz got lucky but I know how he got around. I mean his sound was similar but to but not what it quite is today. He evolved with the game. At the same time it's still odd to hear guys trying to get into the game, with the current style that is in vogue of the day. With that, I present to you this week's first spotlighted group "Super High Society".

The first song I listened to was called "Slow" by SHS . From the jump you can see Ju Harley and B. Easy (who are twins) have been studying the current temperature of the game. The song is so perfect with todays sound that it really ends up being boring to me. that said, if you like trap music or whatever the aforementioned Chainz does you would be right at home with some of the the other music such as "On It" and "No Trust" from their 'OurKrown' mixtape. I did hit their youtube and I didn't mind the song 'Loyalty' though the hook was weak (though it might just be the voice got annoying) but the beat and verses weren't bad at all. Not rewind worthy, but head nod worth.

Next up I received a project from Will Santos (apparently several times) called "Women and Wine" as he and a fellow artist named Praze put together an EP for the ladies. I can't fault the strategy because as Pac said, get the women the men will follow cause they want what the women like. Click the title above for the bandcamp link to the EP and give it a listen. Overall I like the sound as it is mostly clean and crisp and ready for mixing into regular rotation though it is the more West Coast flavor than the Southern one that is the most popular today. Some of the songs kind of blend together and the verses can become redundant and it would have been better served maybe telling the story of a relationship from beginning to middle to end with some trials if you listen to it, at some point you will find at least one or two songs that you really like.

Speaking of what's going on in the industry, I also have Matty Da Kidd who submitted recently and this really isn't what i'm looking for in general. now thats not to say Matty sucks, but it's more swag rap about getting money, balling and getting high. One of his Lead singles is "Racked Up" , how many songs have we heard with that title recently? The beat is serious as is the one for "Rollin" If you're looking for something to just slide into your rotation without anyone knowing it's new then you need to download this. If you are the type who likes to be first among your friends on an artist then you can easily win with Matty and have them bumping it all summer.


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