Independent Wednesday

I know I missed last week, but these new artists will keep coming and I will keep going through the e-mails.

This week, the first artist up is Zaze and his project "The World As I See It" . The first thing I received was his fourth single, "Peek a Boo" which has a trap type beat thats heavy enough to get the head knocking that is in style today. The lyrics are simple but the album, which you can download from the link above has some different sounds on it like "Mary Jane" with Kurupt.

Now Zaze doesn't sound like a typical white rapper honestly. He has a raw scratch to his voice and while I doubt you would call him the most lyrical, he has good quality to his music. In fact he sounds a bit like Ja Rule from back in the day. If you like that this might be in your lane, and I know you Rule fans are out there.

Now this next song I got from Veto Vangundy and it is called "No Love". It's produced by Young Shun and this is definitely not substance music, but it bangs. Its a lot of fun and is simple as Veto just tells you how he feels about people who maybe against him or dislike him. I'll tell you what I ran this joint back three or four times which is rare.

Next up we have a California artist named Jordan Norris who has a clean yet musical style with his first song and single, "Just Friends". Fans of more conscious hip-hop might like this a little bit more than some of the more raunchy bass driven songs posted earlier. A recent UCLA graduate, you can kind of tell that he has a musical background just from the way the song is set up. His full project, "Affinity to Infinity" is coming out this fall, until now, here is the video.


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