Independent Wednesday

First thing's first, Baltimore rap veteran Japiro dropped a new tape and if you haven't downloaded go ahead and get it  by clicking here . I like the "Like Lebron" track myself so I want you to check it out and drop a comment about it here or over on the facebook page which you need to go ahead and like asap.

I also received a track from Eli Saf that's his debut for an upcoming mixtape. it has a brooding beat with a fast tempo but I wasn't filling it. For one the hook was weak and the vocals were low. The other thing he dropped way to many F bombs through the entire song. I mean it was quite a few and they were used lazily. You can tell me if you feel differently though.

In another message Reyshizz sent me a song he hopes will get your attention called "Atheist" where he raps questioning about religion and if it is necessary or just being misused. While I appreciate the beat and attempt to cover a topic that could use much discussion there are times when the raps are choppy and a bit simple in an attempt to keep the serious tone but it could be cleaner and smoother overall.

Finally, from Canada, we have the Grindhouse Project, and I'm going to give you direct from their press release how they describe themselves:

GrindHouse Project is a collective of producers & rappers hailing from Rexdale (West-end Toronto). The group is comprised of rappers Trace Motivate & 360, with Soundwave & Astromega on the beats. Musical freedom and independence is a must for the artists of GrindHouse Project, from production to lyrical ability and all other aspects of the hip hop culture that comes with building a musical following without signing to a major label. Everything is done for the fans. 

Now some of that is all nonsense to me and totally not relevant but the music is better than I expected. When I see those kinds of descriptions, I expect to hear some straight up basement shit with either no melody or muffled convoluted lyrics but these guys are pretty straight forward and the beats are tight and it reminds me of classic East Coast hip-hop in the vein of today's Action Bronson or one of the early Mobb Deep type off shoots. Hopefully those descriptions don't turn you off as I actually like this music.


  1. Thanks on posting a providing feedback. I've received a similar comment about my flow in this song. I'll def keep it in mind when working on future projects..


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