Independent Wednesday

This week first up we have Jared Xavier a Stateb Island rapper who is coming with the gangstarr and slightly tribe-esque feel to him. If you look at the trend toward the young hip rapper with a mellow track that is somewhat simple, then you will have Jared's feel. I listened to a couple of tracks and he delivers with a classic NY voice and feel and has a decent dose of lyrics. The one issue was that everything was somewhat monotone, which today can be good if you can find that core group of fans. One thing I like to see is or hear is an artist that has something that's a little different that may not seem to be so comfortable from a song construction and feel standpoint. Of my first attempts today, Jared was by far the first out of 5 or 6 that was worthy of a spotlight this week.

Lyriqs da Lyraciss is back on the blog with a new song for the ladies called High Heels. This is a smooth jazzy groove that is for the poetry and soul music crowd. If you or your lady are more into Gucci and trap rap I suggest this probably isn't your speed. This is kind of funky and better than I expected though the beat and the sample are chopped up kind of awkwardly during the hook. Lyriqs also just released an independent street album which is hosted by Mickey Factz and you can go over here to check that out as well. Go check it out and follow him on twitter for more.

Third up is Detroit rapper B-Free. It gets kind of odd when someone describes themself as someone who seems kind of new and trendy and you wonder if they really have found themselves or are just looking for a lane that seems like it's moving. This new rapper describes himself as something similar to Childish Gambino, Big Sean, and Eminem and I hear them as well as a little bit of Danny Brown. He is unique but it is a good mix of personality and ability. He is naturally talented because it can be difficult to not go too far on what some would call flow and style gimmicks and still have lyrics so that he isn't a style over substance artist, but B-Free is right in that sweet spot. Now I do wonder if he will be able to sustain content but right now, I think he has some good music and talent. His mixtape is available on Datpiff at this link here.


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