Independent Wednesdays

Let me say this, one of the best new young guys producing right now has got to be Myles Williams. If you look the as couple of weeks he has something done that I have posted. He has got to be ripe to blow because everything I have heard thus far is banging. This week he produced a track for Jay watts of New Jersey called "Younger". It's hot. just check it. Hit up Jay's soundcloud because he has a bunch of other content that's worth listening to.

Let's take a minute to get more into the content and message in music with Devine Carama who reminds me of Talib Kweli a whole lot. his style is street based but still about substance and dropping some knowledge and improvement. He has the NY voice and the beats he has chosen are all pretty decent and not overly "soul" based which can get annoying at make the artist seem preachy at times.

I'll finish up with week with Adam Reverie and this joint "Black Boy Out In Poverty". This is a song with a strong message and statement about the state of hip-hop today and Adam brings a serious flow to this energetic track. Then he brings in a play on a catchy Future style hook to tie it all together. Now This is a guy who has tremendous skill but he will always find himself in a certain box because h can't be consumed easily. Now he does have a lot of variety in his flows and styles which could also be a distraction because it is so extra varied. Hopefully you won't find him as too preachy if you like the less substantive style of rap but Adam did his thing on several of his songs.


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